Project Use-Up

I wasn’t sure exactly how to start this blog, but it came to me as I almost started suffocating in my craft space.


As you can see, my craft area is limited to this 6×6 space in our basement. My storage trickles over into the next room, but for the most part, this is it. Lately I’ve been on a kick of wanting to try new projects-which always requires shopping. You can imagine the look of horror on my husband’s face every time I come home with a bag of more stuff. So, in the spirit of space, I’ve decided to embark on Project Use-Up. I even named it to make it more official. Basically, I can only work on projects using items I already own. Some of this stuff is about fifteen years old and some of it, given to me by my grandma, is around fifty years old. Time to give these lonely, abandoned  materials a new home and purpose.

wire guys                  DSC01546                   DSC01548

Let’s start with these wire figures. I still have a drawer of them leftover from a previous business. That was fifteen years ago so the wire is now a little rusted and discolored. Wondering how I could salvage them, I opened up this drawer of paint bottles which were from about fifteen years ago, as well. I scraped off the crusty layer of paint and found some soft (albeit gooey) paint still in the bottle. I painted a few of the wire figures to see what would happen.

Then with the paintbrush in my hand, I started looking around, which is always dangerous. I spotted this old metal bucket and we both knew its fate.


In keeping with the rustic theme of the bucket, I only used a sparse layer of paint leaving an aged look. I found some old twine and patterned cardboard letters and gave this little bucket a new meaning in life; a holder for my daughter’s bows.


This may not be the most exciting project but, hey, we’re just getting started. We’ll find out what happens to the wire guys in a bit…


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