Wire Guy Necklace

If you haven’t read my previous post, please do. It will explain what is going on here. I had attempted to use up the craft supplies I already own instead of buying new stuff. I say attempted because, unfortunatley, Project Use-Up only lasted one day. By the following day, my crafting ADD had kicked in and I was off on another project, of course one that required new materials.

But, to stay true to my word and not be totally unreliable, I did at least make an attempt to use the wire figures that I painted. Since I had been off on a new jewelry project, I had my head in jewelry mode and with all of the crazy things I’ve seen people wear lately, I figured this couldn’t be so far off.


All I did was fold a strand of brown, mesh ribbon in half and place it through the hand of the guy. Then, inside the wire guy’s arm, I looped both ends through the area where the fold was. This allowed the ribbon to knot perfectly in his hand. I repeated this on the other side so there were two identical strands coming outward from his hands.

Then I tied it in the back of my neck in a bow and voilà…a necklace!

So I don’t think these are going to go on sale at www.maggiemaysgifts.com anytime soon, but it sure was fun to make.


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