Jewelry Embellished Mirrors

I saw these mirrors at a garage sale and I had to have them.

Jewelry embellished mirrors

What I didn’t have to have, though, were the candle holders on them. They had to go, but I had no idea what to do because removing them would leave two holes in the front. I’ve been racking my brain for weeks on this one and then it came to me this morning. I actually think I heard angels singing.

First, I removed the candle holders with a screwdriver and that left the holes I was talking about. Then with just a tiny bit of vinegar and water (but mostly a ton of elbow grease) I cleaned and wiped the mirror and silver down.

Jewelry embellished mirrors Jewelry embellished mirrors

Then I went rummaging through a box of my Grandma Weetie’s old costume jewelry that my dad had given me. I found two beautiful broaches that would be perfect.

Jewelry embellished mirrors

I originally used wire cutters and wire to affix them through the holes and, needless to say, I don’t have that kind of time. That created a whole new project of attaching the wire to the broach and then getting it to fit through the holes correctly.

I happily scrapped that idea and grabbed my trusty old friend, the hot glue gun.

I was able to stick one of the finding parts on the back of the broach into one of the holes. Then I put hot glue through the back of the hole and that seemed to hold that side into place pretty well. Then I just needed a little glue on the back of the other side of the broach to hold it to the mirror and we were all set.

Jewelry embellished mirrorsJewelry embellished mirrors

This turned into such a simple project and I love that it incorporates my grandma’s jewelry. It is a beautiful way to keep her memory alive.

Jewelry embellished mirrorsJewelry embellished mirrors

Thanks for reading!

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