Wedding Anniversary Box

I’d like to share this wonderful idea for any of you attending weddings this summer. This idea comes from our friend Lara who mailed my husband and me a package on our first wedding anniversary. We couldn’t believe she remembered our anniversary, let alone sent a gift! When we opened it, it was filled with the save the date, invitation, program, table cards, and other memorabilia from our wedding one year earlier. It was such a thoughtful, sweet gesture and we had so much fun looking through all of the items on our anniversary.
Her gesture meant so much to us, I decided to do it for my dear friend who got married last year. I tried to save as much as I could from her wedding, including the invitations, informational cards, and save the date.


At the wedding, I remembered to save little things like the wine glass tags, monogrammed napkins, and other little items.


Then I just stored it for the year and made sure to mark my calendar for the following year to remember to mail it out with a Happy Anniversary card.

I hope you keep this wonderful idea in mind for any upcoming weddings you are attending. It is so fun and is such a thoughtful gesture that your friends won’t forget. I know we didn’t!


4 thoughts on “Wedding Anniversary Box

  1. Darn, I was going to surprise you with the wine bottle cork nametags from your wedding 8.29.08! Good idea though!

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