4th of July Salad Tongs

4th of July Tongs-Maggie May's

I wanted to share an easy 4th of July idea using stuff you probably have around the house. This is a great way to spruce up your salad this holiday!

All you need are salad tongs (preferably wooden), painter’s tape, white paint, blue paint and red star stickers (teachers, anyone?)

4th of July Tongs-Maggie May's

First, wrap painter’s tape around the top of your tongs where you want your paint to stop.

4th of July Tongs-Maggie May's

If you have a can of leftover white paint from a household project, this is easiest. Just dip the tongs directly into the can stopping just past your tape.


Hang to dry. If you have one of these broom holders in your garage, they are perfect. Otherwise, you can tie string around the spoon part and hang them from a branch outside or another rack in your garage. Just make sure you put cardboard or plastic underneath. It drips.


After that dries completely, dip into a small container of blue paint to just cover the ends.


Hang again to dry.

Once that is all dried, stick red star stickers around the handle.


Paint over the decorated area with Mod Podge (a glue/sealant sold at any craft store) to seal it all in. Let dry and you are now ready for a party!

4th of July Tongs-Maggie May's

4th of July Tongs-Maggie May's

Enjoy your 4th of July holiday!

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