Candy bag woobie

Babies just love sounds, especially if they are the ones making them. This is such a fun, easy way to make a woobie that is also entertaining. The crinkling sound this makes could keep your baby occupied for hours. Well, okay minutes, but every second counts when it comes to keeping a baby content.

If you developed a sweet tooth like I did after having kids, you probably have empty candy bags at your disposal. Just be careful that the bag doesn’t have any sugar or residue in it. Hard candy bags are best becuase then there was no contact with food in the bag at all.

Anyway, what you will need is the candy bag and two sections of fabric that are a little larger than your bag. If you want you can add some ribbon tags that stick out for more entertainment.


Next, put your sections of fabric together with the right sides of the fabric facing towards each other. Basically, you are going to sew this up inside out.


If you are doing ribbon tags fold them in half and pin them inside your fabric strips (with the folded part tucked inside and pin in place. Do this all the way around, placing ribbon tags every so often along the way. Then place your plastic bag over the top of your project and pin it onto the top. This is going to look SO strange and you’ll wonder how this will ever turn out right, but trust me.


Sew all along the project  (about 3/4 inch from edge) and leave a 3 inch opening.


Now start working the fabric through the hole to turn the project right side out. Just squish it on through little by little. This process isn’t pretty. Once you get it right side out, a ruler helps to push the corners out. They can be stubborn otherwise.


Now you have a 3 inch opening to stitch up.

Just fold the edge of the fabric down so the edge stays consistent with your sewn edge. If you want to put a final ribbon tag in, you can. Pin the opening closed and stitch it up. I prefer to do this final part by hand (rather than sewing machine) so I can control the process. Since your seam is hidden on the whole project, you don’t want this 3 inch section to look awkward.


And that is it.

Here is the final product. It makes a crinkle sound every time you touch it.


So have fun with this. I hope your baby enjoys it as much as mine did. 🙂


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5 thoughts on “Candy bag woobie

  1. Really super idea…I know Charlie grew to love it !!
    You are so clever….I always look forward to your next post!! 🎶🎶

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