Turn Toys into bathroom décor

Do these baskets of toys look familiar?



It seems like this accumulation of toys is inevitable if you have kids but just seeing these baskets of random pieces and parts makes me crazy.

I wanted to come up with a way to give some of these toys one last run before going from the toy bin to the trash bin.

If your kids have their own bathroom, this is a fun little way to  doll it up. (pun intended, I guess.)

Here is my kids’ bathroom before.


Not very exciting.

I just rummaged through their toy baskets for soft, cute toys. Most of them already had hooks.


For the ones that didn’t, I just sewed a loop on the back of the toy with needle and thread.


Then I just hung them through the shower curtain hooks like this..


..and it brought their bathroom to life.

It feels a little toy story-ish in there now, like the dolls are going to start talking to me, but it’s fun.


So, if you’re feeling too sentimental to throw anything away just yet, try giving it a new use for a little while.

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24 thoughts on “Turn Toys into bathroom décor

    • Good Question! Since there is no direct contact with the moisture, it is more steam that would be near it, it should be fine. I think it would be the same as having your towels hanging in the bathroom. Those toys can be washed though, so not a bad idea to do once in a while.
      Or just get sick of them in a couple months like i do and move on to a new decor entirely 🙂

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