Turn a sweater into pillows

Before After Sweater Pic

I rarely buy clothes without trying them on first, but of course the one time I do, I end up with this beauty.

sweater pic with logo


I’m not sure what the problem was. It is a sweater. How hard is that to try on? Whatever the reason, I bought it. When I got home and put it on, I was instantly transported onto the set of The Golden Girls.
The show=awesome. The clothes=even more awesome.

I wanted to do something with it (other than wear it!) because I liked the pattern and the colors. I love the look of sweater pillows and I thought this actually might make cute throw pillows.

Let’s see.

For this button pillow, I cut part of the sweater into two rectangles and sewed them together with the bright sides facing inward. I left one side open and turned the pillow right side out (so my seams were hidden) and stuffed it with pillow filling. I folded my open side down twice and sewed it to the sweater, creating a folded section. I sewed three buttons along the fold for decoration.


For the following sweater, I used a throw pillow that I already had as my base. I placed the corner of the pillow up into the cuff (the white corner was the cuff) and used a button to hide the ends that I had to mush together.


I was able to wrap around the sweater and sew it along the other seam. Since I was sewing the seam on the outside, I decided to do a scrunched look.


With the scraps I had left, I made borders along white pillow cases that I had.



I was able to use up almost all of the sweater!




So before you go buy living room or porch pillows, take a look in your closet first!

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