Love note board

I recently saw this adorable idea on The DIY Wannabe’s blog page. I loved the concept of it and it seemed like a fun way to share little love notes. I wanted to share my version.

All you need is a picture frame. I found this old frame for $4.00.

Make a Love Note Board

I wanted one that was kind of big so it wouldn’t look awkward on the wall. I just removed the print and the glass and painted the frame white.

paint frame

In place of the print (or if your frame is new), just line the back with pretty paper, gift wrap, fabric, or decorative tissue paper like I used. Glue a cut out of a typed “I love you because” toward the top.

Make a Love Note Board

Put the backing and glass back into the frame and hang on the wall.

Make a Love Note Board

All you need are some white board markers and an eraser.

You can make a little holder for them by trimming an old box that is the right size. I used a toaster pastry box 🙂

Make a Love Note Board

Cover it in the paper you used on the frame and wrap it in clear packing tape for support. Fold up a small section of tape on the back to create a hook to hang the box.

Make a Love Note Board

Hang the box of markers and eraser next to the frame for easy access.

Make a Love Note Board

It’s been fun checking the board to see if the love fairy has left a new note. I give it two weeks until it turns into a grocery list board, but for now we’re enjoying acting like newlyweds again 🙂

Make a Love Note Board

Make a Love Note Board

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16 thoughts on “Love note board

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  5. What a great idea! It looks so pretty and it’s such a sweet way to leave someone messages. I’m definitely going to try it.

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