Embellishments To Give One Shirt Many Looks

Back to school time is here so that means clothes shopping!

Here is a fun way to make one shirt have many different looks, saving you money and closet space.

To begin, take a shirt or tank top in a solid color. We are going to be adding removable embellishments on it.


You will want to buy strips of Velcro from a craft store. They come with a strip of the scratchy hook side and a strip of the hairy loop side that go together to hold your pieces together.


For this tank top I wanted my embellishments to go in the upper left corner of the shirt. Once I picked my spot, I sewed a small (about 1″ ) strip of Velcro. I’m not sure if it matters which side of Velcro goes on the shirt. I used a small strip of the scratchy loop side because I feel it is better in the washer and dryer. Just sew it on with a sewing machine or by hand.


For your embellishment pieces, I will show you the ones I made and will explain in detail how to make them in another post. Otherwise, this post will turn into a novel! Don’t worry, you will get the idea, though.

Using ribbon, buttons, felt, and anything else, create decorative pieces for your shirt.

If the back of your piece is flat enough, just glue your opposing piece of Velcro to the back of your embellishment like this:


If your embellishment is not flat in the back (like with a bow) then glue the embellishment to a small piece of felt and then glue your Velcro to the felt.


Now you have removable pieces to change the look of one single shirt. The nice thing is your embellishments can be made of anything without worry of the washing machine. Because they are removable, just take them off before washing to keep them clean and nice.

Here are a couple ideas.








Keep in mind you can do more grown up looking embellishments to change up your own shirts and tank tops too!

Have fun!


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