Fun Way to Display Newspaper Announcements

If you have ever had your child’s birth or another event announced in the newspaper, you know that sometimes it gets totally lost within all the other words on the page.

This is a fun way to make your event stand out and a nice way to display your announcement rather than stick it in a memory box.

Just pick a frame and cut out the section of the paper with your announcement to fit the frame. I suggest photocopying it because it makes the background brighter and then you can save the original.

Using a marker or whatever paint you have on hand, draw a flower or heart around your announcement.

Display Birth Announcement

Let dry and put into your frame.

Display Birth Announcement

This would make a cute new baby gift by using the hospital announcement from the paper. You could also do this with an engagement announcement, short article, meaningful comic strip, or anything else in the newspaper that is special to you or a loved one.

Display Birth Announcement

There are a lot of different ways to use this idea. Hopefully, this will just get you started. 🙂

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