Design Your Own Umbrella

I don’t know about you but somehow we have accumulated about a dozen umbrellas over the years. And considering I usually just sprint from the car to wherever I’m going if it’s raining, most of them have never been used.

Since they all looked alike, I thought it might be fun to decorate a couple. For the type of smaller design I wanted to do, I decided that a fabric marker would be the best choice. It would adhere well and the marker would give me good control.


If you wanted to do a larger pattern or something using more paint, you could use acrylic paint with a paint brush.

Here are my umbrellas before.



First you will want to wash them well with water and mild soap and let them dry completely.

Here is where you can get creative. Do you want to do polka dots? A striped pattern? Animals? Raindrops?

For my first umbrella I decided to make ladybugs along the edge. I just used an old toy to use as a template for the body.


I traced the toy and then colored it in. I did two coats for a brighter look.


Then I just drew the head and legs on freehand with the white fabric marker.


Easy, easy.

On my other umbrella I did polka dots. I used the lining of stickers to give me a template.


I peeled the backing off and cut them into pieces to place on the umbrella. Then I just colored inside the sticker for uniform dots.


If you have any college age kids (or you’re in college) you can personalize it with your school’s letters or your sorority letters. I just traced a stencil template.



This would be a fun project with older kids. Let them each design their own umbrella so there is no fighting in the morning. 🙂

If you have a clear, cup shaped umbrella, it would be adorable with a painted design.

Lots of options with this…enjoy!


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