The Corkless Corkboard

It is always sad when a picture frame falls and the glass breaks.


But don’t throw it away just yet. It will actually make a great corkboard.

First, carefully clear off and discard all of the glass pieces so all you have left is the frame and the backing.

For this frame, I wanted to change the look so I just did a thin coat of white paint.

Since I didn’t have any cork backing to put in the frame and I didn’t want to make a trip to a craft store to buy some, I decided to improvise.

We go through a ton of diapers and wipes boxes so I was happy to actually get some use out of them. Any box should work as long as it’s a thicker (like a shipping box). Your push pins push right into these boxes nicely.


I just cut out a piece of the cardboard to fit inside the frame and then glued a piece of pretty paper over it.


Then I just placed the cardboard right into the frame where the glass was and that was it.


This makes a nice addition to a backsplash area in the kitchen for those little things like receipts, numbers, notes, etc. that you want handy for a while.


This is one of those projects that makes you feel good because you saved a broken item and got some use out of your trash. πŸ™‚


corkboard collage

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11 thoughts on “The Corkless Corkboard

  1. Your Corkless Corkboard idea inspired me to create an incentive for my 3rd grade students to complete their homework! You start with the letters in the word “HOMEWORK” pinned up and uncovered. Each time every student in the class has completed their homework, you uncover one of the letters. Once all the letters are uncovered and you can see all of HOMEWORK, students receive a free recess! Here is the link to the picture of it.
    THANK YOU MAGGIE MAY GIFTS FOR THE INSPIRATION!!! My husband was thrilled that this was a “FREE” DIY project:)

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