Donut Hole Acorns (The Healthy Version)

I was at a work event recently and someone brought donut hole acorn balls that looked something like this. Β (This image is credited to Evi-Enjoying-Life from Pinterest)Evi-enjoying-life Acorn Balls

I thought they were so cute! I had never seen them before. My coworker told me it was just a donut hole, Nutella spread over the top, nuts or sprinkles and then a pretzel stick for the stem.

Unfortunately for my family, whenever I find a yummy, fun recipe, I always find a way to suck the fun right out of it. I figure they will thank me some day (or not) when they learn for themselves that being healthy IS the fun part. But for now, they need to eat what I serve.

My version of the acorn is a pumpkin bread ball with almond butter and granola. A stick of apple will be the stem.

I just used a pumpkin bread mix.


If you want to get crazy, you can add ground flax or chia seeds to your bread batter before baking.

Then I used almond butter and a pumpkin granola mix. I sliced an apple into sticks.


If you have a cake pop pan, they are the best for making ball shapes.


Once the bread is baked, let cool and then spread a layer of almond butter over the top.


Then immediately dip the almond buttery side around in a small bowl of granola to coat the top.


Poke the tip of a small, sharp knife into the top to make a small hole and insert an apple stick to make the stem.

Now you have a beautiful, healthy acorn treat!




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14 thoughts on “Donut Hole Acorns (The Healthy Version)

  1. ADORABLE!!! And I love that you suck the fun out of recipes – healthy is SO much better! And personally, I love the taste of healthy over unhealthy. My kids disagree sometimes, but they’ll learn. πŸ˜‰

  2. “suck the fun right out of it.” Hahaha! These look great! I make almond butter and yesterday I made almond butter with chocolate, so when you mentioned nutella, my first thought was to use that. I love the Trader Joe’s pumkin bread mix, and we definitely stock up. This will be so much fun to make and have my toddler help!

  3. Both versions sound yummy, but I’m very partial to Nutella…it’s one of my few departures from healthy eating! Thanks for sharing them.

  4. If eating healthy isn’t fun for you, your doing it wrong! Another clever ruse for your family. Thank you now and later. Love you.

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