Tattooed arm shirt

I saw this adorable costume in the Chasing Fireflies catalog and loved the tattooed shirt concept.

chasing fireflies

I thought it was so sweet and figured it wouldn’t be that hard to make.

I bought some cheap knee-high hose and used colored Sharpies and a tee shirt that I already had. I just put the stocking over my arm to decorate it (yes, it bleeds through and tattoos your arm in the meantime).


Then I just cut off the toe area and turned the stocking and the shirt inside out and pinned the stocking to the rim of the shirt sleeve.


I chose to sew the stocking to the shirt by hand because when I tried to envision using the sewing machine, I just didn’t see things ending well.

Then I turned the shirt and sleeve right side out and that was it.



Obviously this would be great for all kinds of costumes this Halloween or you could just add it to an everyday shirt like we did to send the neighbor kids a message.





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