Sparkle Twig Headboard

I found this twig decoration at a yard sale for $1.00.


I’ve had this piece for about a year waiting to use it to decorate my daughter’s bed when she got out of a crib. We knew her first bed was going to be a toddler bed that was passed down through my husband’s family. It is a great bed but it doesn’t allow for a headboard so I knew it would need something. This piece was perfect.

I wanted to make it a little girly but also kind of fun so I went with a pale pink spray paint and sparkles!


First I spray painted the twig piece and then immediatley sprinkled different shades of glitter all over it while the paint was still wet. By doing this, the glitter dried right into the paint preventing a mess every time you touched it.


I love the way the light reflects off the sparkles. Unfortunately my photos don’t do it justice.



Then we just hung it right over her bed and it added the perfect sparkly touch.




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7 thoughts on “Sparkle Twig Headboard

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  2. Your little girl is the luckiest girl ever to have a mom like you. You are just too wonderful. This would have been AMAZING to have as a little girl!

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