Framed Heart Decor

One nice thing about Valentine’s Day is that it really can be celebrated for weeks. Growing up, my mom always called February the love month and we celebrated all month long.

eucalyptus heart decor

So, keeping the tradition alive, I thought it would be fun to decorate with love.

This project is really easy and I love the way it turned out.

All you need is a frame, pretty paper (I used a silver sparkly piece), Eucalyptus and hot glue. You can buy a bouquet of Eucalyptus at any craft or floral store.

eucalyptus heart decor

If you’ve ever twisted a petal off of Eucalyptus, you’ll find it looks just like a heart, making it a great Valentine’s craft material. Plus, it smells wonderful!

First, twist a bunch of the petals off of your Eucalyptus branch.

eucalyptus heart decor

Then line a piece of cardboard with pretty paper and put it into a frame. Leave the glass out.


You can trace a heart onto your paper and then cover the outline by glueing petals over it.

eucalyptus heart decor

Then just layer petals around and on top of each other until your heart is filled in. I purposely only used a tiny bit of glue so the ends would curl up. It makes it 3-dimensional that way.

eucalyptus heart decor

Then prop or hang in your home where you can enjoy it all month (or year) long!

eucalyptus heart decor

Happy Love Month!


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22 thoughts on “Framed Heart Decor

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  4. Thanks for keeping the tradition alive! When your heart is filled with love, it takes more than one day to share it with all those you love!! HAPPY LOVE MONTH INDEED! πŸ™‚

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