Love Wall Using Thrift Store Frames

I shared this on Maggie May’s Facebook page, but I thought I would share it here since you still have time to make a Love Wall.

DSC05010 DSC05005

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Next, gather some frames you may have around your house or in storage and dust them off. This project is a great example of why it’s a good idea to hang onto frames even if the glass is broken.

Here is where you can just get creative. Leave the glass in or out depending on what you are putting inside.

For three dimensional pieces, take the glass out and you can do whatever you want. For this XO piece I made the X out of cardboard and the O out of buttons.


For this one I attached card stock letters (one glittery one) with fishing line so it would hang flat.


This heart was made with the leaves of a Eucalyptus branch. I recently shared a more detailed tutorial on this one here.


If you have any leftover holiday ornaments, you may find one that you can use this way. Just hang inside a glass-less frame with fishing line.


This one is nice if you want to keep the glass in because it’s flat.


You can insert sticker or cut-out letters into the windows of frames like this one…


Once you get all your frames done, play around with the layout and hang them on a lonely wall in your home.

These are on display at Starbucks right now, so here is the display there.

DSC05031 DSC05015

Have Fun!


Love Wall Collage

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