Balloon Entertainment

We went to a birthday party recently that had a lot of fun games and activities that the kids were enjoying. My kids, on the other hand, chose to only play with the balloon decorations the entire time.

So, this weekend, when we heard another wave of snow and ice was coming (a.k.a. we were going to be stuck inside), I thought I’d get some balloons and see if they would bring us a little sanity.

Let’s just say that was the best dollar I’ve spent in a while. They had a blast and actually got some exercise. So, if you all are stuck inside as well, give this a try!

kids activity using balloons kids activity using balloons kids activity using balloons kids activity using balloons

Of course, the ultimate goal of any kids’ activity is to wear them out.

kids activity using balloonskids activity using balloons


kids activity using balloons

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kids activity using balloons

23 thoughts on “Balloon Entertainment

  1. Hehehe it’s so funny how little ones ca love something like a balloon so mush! My daughter likes balloons better than most of her toys… I should just fill her room with balloons and save some money on toys lol 😉

  2. Balloons are an absolute all time favorite in our house! Cheapest best toddler entertainment in the history of ever! I don’t know what we ever did before “bayoons!” haha! Love your pictures…I think our kids would have a great time together in a sea of balloons. ☺

  3. Definitely! Balloons provide tons of entertainment, except when they pop! I drew charicatures if each if my girls in balloons once–they loved their balloon faces.

  4. Very cool! You can also teach them about static electricity – science – while doing this. Lots of cool static electricity experiments for the kids, even at their age, to try out.

    Michelle Drake (415) 690-3275 cell


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