Supernanny To The Rescue

Whenever I watch Supernanny, I usually just sit in awe of Jo Frost (the Supernanny). She is firm, patient and kind and the kids all love her.

Sometimes watching it is stressful though, because at the end of the day, the last thing I want to watch is a show with kids screaming, running around and misbehaving. I prefer The Real Housewives of Orange County where it is the adults doing that. Much more relaxing.

When I discovered how many books Jo Frost has written, I got very excited. Now I could learn her magic without having to see and hear all the craziness.

I’ve only read two so far but I love how she relays different scenarios and then gives her advice on how to best handle them. She makes every solution seem doable for anyone. Also, I appreciate that her foundation for caregiving is love with an emphasis on discipline and manners.

This is one of her older books which was the first one I read.


And this is what I’m reading now, which is brand new.


Here are a few other titles if you’re interested.

Jo-Frost-Toddler-SOS-233x300 JoFrost1



She also has a website if you are looking for more,

If you have small kids and are looking for some inspiration, I hope this helps. Her advice is basic, timeless, and been proven effective again and again.


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9 thoughts on “Supernanny To The Rescue

  1. I love her but can’t help but wonder how much she spends for ear plugs and hair dye to cover the grays. Lol I know they find worst case families to show the dramatic change but I want to smack some of these folks. They have multiple children all out of control and you know the problems started long before they had the last child so why did they keep having them if they couldn’t handle them. In each and every case there has never been a bad child but always poor parents. My daughter is now 23 and I still watch it occasionally. It’s still nice to find out you did things right even this far after the fact.

  2. I love her too, and was super excited to see she had written books (for the same reasons as you!!) 😀
    I just bought the one you said you read first. I can’t wait to read it!

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