DIY Fruit Pops

Popsicle molds are one of my favorite things ever. I love that I can decide exactly what goes into the popsicle and that they end up costing pennies each.

Sometimes when I make too much smoothie, I will just pour the excess into the molds and they make great popsicles for later.

My latest one is so easy and are a hit around here. It doesn’t require any prep work and literally only takes a minute to make. All you need are pineapple bits (either fresh or frozen) and rice milk.


Just fill your mold with pineapple bits.Then pour your rice milk into it until it reaches the rim. Rice milk may sound a little weird but it has a really subtle taste and gives it a slight creaminess. I used to use just water and my kids still loved them, but I found it was like they were chomping on ice…not good. The rice milk freezes softer and is more chewy like a popsicle.



You can also just fill mold with mixed fruit and top off with coconut water.


I think it’s a little too sweet, but no kid would ever agree with me on that. These would be good on really hot days as coconut water is a good way to replenish electrolytes.


There are so many different popsicles you can make with these, especially if you branch out with a blender and other ingredients. I love to hear your favorites!



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7 thoughts on “DIY Fruit Pops

  1. And I am kicking myself right about now for throwing out our popsicle molds while Spring cleaning this year. I found bits and pieces at individual times and thought they were lost, then I’d find another lol…. I’m envisioning all kinds of things like strawberries and chocolate milk (we do almond milk in our house but probably similar to rice milk). Thanks for the inspiration!

    • I do that all the time…especially with toys. I find pieces here and there until I finally just start pitching them because I’m sick of seeing them! ha
      The chocolate almond milk and strawberries sounds great!! Like a fruity pudding pop 🙂

  2. Such a great idea. I have some of these moulds and used to fill them with some left over puree when my daughter was still on mush food 🙂

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