Make Your Own Rustic Framed Art

Rustic Framed ArtThis project happened by accident. I bought my daughter a calendar from the dollar store since she was always asking what day it was. I found this one that was full of bright, inspirational messages.

Rustic framed art

Once I got it home, I realized it was a 2015 calendar and we couldn’t use it for another six months.

I’ve been wanting to brighten up our eating area for a while (that post is coming soon) and I liked the bright colors of these prints so I decided to use the calendar for the dining room instead.

I just assumed the print size was 12 x 12 (I realize actually measuring it would have taken 5 seconds…but no) so I bought frames in that size. Once I got them home, I learned that the prints were 11 x 11 making them too small for the frame.

Apparently, they don’t sell frames in the size that these prints are so I had to get inventive. I decided to just display them on pieces of wood giving them a rustic touch.

I lucked out finding this scrap wood.

Rustic framed art

Then I had Lowe’s cut it into the sizes I needed.

Rustic framed art

Since the prints were so colorful, I decided to stick with white paint for the frames. I just used the Valspar latex paint I had on hand and painted the boards.

Rustic framed art

Once those dried, I attached a hook on the back to hang it.

Rustic framed art

Rustic framed art

And finally attached the print with small screws onto the front of the board.

Rustic framed art

Rustic framed art

Once I had each print screwed on I took them into the dining room to figure out where to place them.


After playing around with them a bit, up they went!DSC06248

So if you have a print or photo that is an odd size or just want a more rustic looking frame, this project is great. It’s easy and inexpensive.

Now we have a whole new look in our dining room and my daughter still has no idea what day it is.


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Rustic Framed Art

28 thoughts on “Make Your Own Rustic Framed Art

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  4. I love how creative and spur-of-the-moment crafty you are! I really enjoy creating things too….I know I’ll be doing lots more projects once I’m away from the computer more. 😀

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