Make Your Own Baseball Shirt

make your own baseball shirtIf your kids have a lot of solid colored shirts, here is an easy way to give them a little update with just some spare fabric and a sewing machine.

Shirt before:DSC05972

With your fabric, cut out whatever design you choose to sew onto your shirt. You could do an animal, letters, or something simple like a ball. I decided to do a baseball since it’s super simple.

On my white fabric, I traced the shape of a ball using a glass.


Then I pinned it to my shirt and traced two lines on it (for the ball stitching).


Then using white thread, I sewed around the ball twice using a zig zag stitch. Then with red thread in a zig zag stitch, I followed the lines I drew on the ball to make the stitching.

And that was it.


This one was really simple but it gave a plain, old shirt a little update.

I’ll let my model show you.



He was taking his modeling duties very seriously.


With winter coming, this idea would be cute for zip-up sweatshirts and sweaters, as well.



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