Create An Indoor Winter Wonderland

winter wonderlandOne of the best things about the holidays are the lights. There is something so cozy about christmas tree lights and this year I wanted to bring that coziness into the kids’ room. I had a very specific idea in mind, too. I wanted to have a tree branch with lights and sparkly paper snowflakes (that I shared last week) dangling from it.

For the tree branch, I knew exactly what I wanted; a large branch that curved to the left and also split to the right.

It’s amazing what you find once you are looking for it. I stepped outside and found this exact branch on the ground about five minutes from my house. I just love the law of attraction! 🙂

Create a winter wonderland

First, I poured alcohol into a spray bottle and sprayed the branch down. I was thinking this would kill any bugs lingering on it. I’m not sure it mattered because the next step of spray painting surely did.

Create a winter wonderland

I painted the branch white and then (once that dried) I sprayed a layer of Glitter Blast spray. This gave it a slight glittery look. Then I just sealed it all down with a clear varnish.

Create a winter wonderland

I let this dry for a week or so in order to let all the fumes air out a bit. Then I bought some white tree lights and wrapped them up and down the branches.

Create a winter wonderland

Be warned the lights will make your thinner branches very heavy and when you go to pick up the branch the skinny branches might break. (You may now picture the look on my husband’s face when he picked up the branch and several large pieces broke off.) It’s a two-person job as soon as you get the lights on.

My sister-in-law and I carried the branch upstairs (I think my husband was nervous to have any more to do this project!) and she held it to the wall while I secured it down in several places.

I decided to use this type of bracket to hold it in the middle.

Create a winter wonderland

And I used these white cup hooks to hold up the branches.

Create a winter wonderland

Then I hung my paper snowflakes (see tutorial for those here) using paper clips. To get this silver, glittery look on my snowflakes, I sprayed the snowflakes with glitter blast (sold in craft sections) in the garage and let them air out for a week or so before bringing them in.

Create a winter wonderlandI also had these chandelier drops that I found at a garage sale.

Create a winter wonderland

I hung them all over the branches, as well.

Create a winter wonderland

I put a white snow drape and some pretty boxes on the bookshelf to finish it off. Create a winter wonderland

Next I decided to put some tissue paper snowflakes in the corner. You can learn how to make these here.

Create a winter wonderland

I just taped fishing line to them and hung them from the ceiling.

Create a winter wonderlandI hung a few snowflakes and chandelier drops from the curtain rod.

Create a winter wonderland

And finally, I took the framed pine cones from my Modern Fall Art project and spray painted them silver.

Create a winter wonderland

Create a winter wonderland

It was really hard to get a good picture of the whole scene. When I turned the branch lights on, the middle of the room just glowed and when they were off, it was dark.

So, here are some of the best I could get.

Create a winter wonderland Create a winter wonderland Create a winter wonderland

Create a winter wonderland

This definitely isn’t a project you can do in an afternoon. It was a labor of love 🙂 But now I’m looking forward to reading Christmas stories in there on snowy nights (and if you know me, you know I never wish for snowy nights!)

Happy December!


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13 thoughts on “Create An Indoor Winter Wonderland

  1. I just love this!!! We can’t have a live Christmas tree in our apartment, and I don’t want a fake one. I will do this and definitely use the alcohol trick. LOVE this (as always!)!!!

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