Make Personalized Wine Bottles

personalized wine bottles

It’s party time!

If you’re planning on giving wine as a hostess gift or just serving wine at a party, these personalized wine bottle labels are perfect.

I didn’t make a printable for this post because that would take the personalized out of it for you, but they are really simple. You just need a computer, printer, paper and glue. If you want to bling it up, you can add some glitter.

First, print out your design or message. You could do an initial for a simple look. Happy Holidays, Thank You, Happy New Year or even a personal message works, too. The nice part about this is you are creating it so you can do whatever you want!

Be sure to print using the landscape feature (if you’re using Word). This will ensure your label wraps all the way around your bottle. The 8.5″ side of copy paper doesn’t wrap around most bottles. Yes, I discovered this the hard way!

Now, when you print on copy paper, you label may show through the thin paper. I just glued my printed piece on top of a plain piece of paper. This gave me two layers of paper and you couldn’t see the original label anymore. Cut the paper a little larger than the original label.

If you want to add bling, paint a design wherever you want with glue and sprinkle with glitter. Let dry.

make wine bottle labels

make wine bottle labels

Using a small sponge brush or paint brush, paint a layer of glue (I use Mod Podge) over the original label. Then, place your printed label on top of the glue. Press flat so there are no bubbles or wrinkles.

make wine bottle labels

Once it is positioned, paint another layer of glue over the entire label (including your glitter) to seal it all down to the bottle.

make wine bottle labels

Wipe any excess glue off your bottle. Let dry and you are all set.

This is very inexpensive way to add a special touch to any wine bottle this holiday.

Make your own personalized holiday wine bottles holiday wine bottle labels

make wine bottle labels

Drink up!


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14 thoughts on “Make Personalized Wine Bottles

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  2. These are such a great idea! I want to make some for myself! Ha! So is mid podge pretty much used for everything? I’ve never used it before and it keeps showing up everywhere…

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