What’s Your Perfect, Cozy Day ?

This isn’t exactly a DIY post, but I was asked to describe my ideal cozy day and I thought it would be fun, especially with winter coming up.

Christmas Day pretty much sums up what a perfect, cozy day should include: family, delicious food, pajamas, music, and honoring God. While I’m really looking forward to Christmas this year, I know that by December 26th, it will be back to reality.

Rather than begin dreading the upcoming cold days stuck inside, or worse, icy days where we have to go outside, I decided to travel to dream world for a minute and create the ideal cozy day.

It would begin and end in pajamas.

Phone and computer would be off.

My husband will have taken the kids out of the house all day. It doesn’t matter where. In fact, it’s best if I don’t know.

There would be binge-sessions of CSI Miami reruns along with binge-sessions of these fluffy pizza bites.

pizza bites maggie may's giftsAt some point, a Golden Girls or Three’s Company marathon would happen.

When that got old, I would go up to my bed for a while.

Well, since this is dreamworld, I would go up to a bed like this.


image from Parachute Home Bedding

Once there, I would read, nod off, read, and nod off again for a few hours.

I love coffee but wouldn’t want my napping to be ruined by pesky caffeine, so this day would include peppermint tea in my favorite Starbucks travel cup. And the book would have to be one that is so good I can’t put it down. Or so good that I keep putting it down to take notes.

Maggie May's Gfits

I would probably eat an entire one pound bag of Red Vines. Twizzlers would work, too, but the cheap corn syrup in Red Vines has a crack-like effect on me.

I would have soft, piano music on in the background all day and work my way through a huge stack of magazines.

Maggie May's Gifts

Then after hours of my much anticipated silence and solitude, this perfect day would end in one perfect, beautiful way.

Maggie May's Gifts

What does your perfect, cozy day look like?

12 thoughts on “What’s Your Perfect, Cozy Day ?

  1. Oh, Jill, how very very perfect. I’m all in 😀 My perfect day would include someone else doing all the food planning and prep and somehow it would be delicious and perfectly reflect my current dietary needs (high protein, not gluten or dairy, limited eggs.) and I would watch a Lord of the Rings marathon…The Office…Downton Abbey 😀 And my men would be *thrilled* with my choices, LOL!

    • Sounds wonderful. I definitely like your plan of someone else planning and prepping the food…don’t forget cleaning up afterwards! 🙂
      I keep hearing about Downton Abbey….i think I need to check it out!

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