Does Santa Get a Thank You Letter?

thank you to santaPoor Santa! Every December, he gets tons of letters filled with all of the toys and gifts kids want him to bring them. He sits through hours and hours of kids jumping up onto his lap, either screaming (which make the best pictures) or rattling off every gadget imaginable that he is expected to find, wrap and deliver on December 25.

But does he ever get a thank you?


Well, ok maybe some of you thoughtful people do.

I thought sending a thank you note to Santa might be a nice tradition to start. It makes a fun post-Christmas activity and it’s nice for kids to recall all of the great gifts they got. Plus, kids are never too young to start learning the importance of expressing gratitude.

They can share stories of how they are enjoying the gifts they received and which was their favorite. You can even help your kids decorate their notes by using pretty images from old Christmas cards.


You can get crafty with it or just hand write a quick note. It’s more about the gesture than anything.

DSC06924 Then seal it up, address it to the north pole and mail it on down to the basement into their memory box 🙂


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