Jewelry Chest Redo-Trash to Vintage Chic

I found this little chest abandoned by the trash. I’m assuming it was a jewelry chest but all the drawers were missing.


I had no idea what to do with it but I felt the need to save it.

First, I cleaned it well and let it dry in the sun. Then I painted a layer of primer on it.


Since there were so many shelves and recessed areas, I decided to use spray paint so I could get all of the surfaces. I chose a metallic silver.


DSC06383The original knobs on the doors were gone so I played around with a couple options.

At first, I didn’t want to drill so I just screwed these little hooks into the doors by hand.


Then I hung a couple links from an old chain necklace.


If you don’t have a drill, this is a really easy way to add a knob.

I found some knobs at World Market and really wanted to use them instead, so I became determined. I have no business using a drill, but my husband wasn’t homeΒ so I decided to assert my independence.

I drilled a hole the size of my knob screw into the center of each door.


And then screwed in the knobs.



All done.

I still wasn’t sure what to do with it, so I decided to use it as a bedside chest for now.


I filled it with items that I usually keep by my bed anyway like chap stick, books, journals, pens, etc. Now it’s all together in one spot, which is nice.




So before you throw something out that you assume is trashed, just rethink how you might use it. A little paint, some new hardware, and a fresh outlook might give you a whole new objet d’art (I just really wanted to use that word!)

Here is the piece of trash before:


And now:


To some, I may be a trash-picker, but to this little chest, I’m a hero:) Welcome back to life, little chest.


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Β bedside chest

39 thoughts on “Jewelry Chest Redo-Trash to Vintage Chic

  1. Wow-that turned out so pretty! And useful! You never cease to amaze me! πŸ˜„ I love the idea of fixing up trash for a whole new use, I’m just not that creative. Also-love the knobs from World Market! One of my favorite stores!

  2. So nice! I’m totally not a refurbisher type person (I’m too scatterbrained to stick to finishing artsy stuff, lol), but you are inspiring! Oh, and I just totally love to be awesome, so I had to follow your blog! Love how you compelled me to do that! hehe

  3. I love, love, love all the knob choices available – it’s so easy to change the entire look of something with them! Great job (especially with the drill, which I have no business using either! lol)

  4. Now aren’t you something!! I love it…it’s especially nice sitting on your special night stand ….ahh the memories !!

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