Conversation Gems-A Non-Candy Valentine’s Treat

conversation gems

Valentine’s Day really wouldn’t be complete without candy conversation hearts that you swap with your friends. But these days many schools don’t allow candy or food items brought into classrooms. One way to keep the fun of conversation hearts without breaking school rules is by making these conversation pebbles. I saw this idea on Hometalk and now I have no idea who shared it, so I can’t credit them. Sorry!

All you need is a bag of clear, glass gems. I got mine from Dollar Tree so this whole bag was $1.00.

glass gems

On computer paper, print out whatever words you want to use.

word cut outs maggie mays

If you want to make colored gems, simply color over a word with colored highlighter.

colored words for conversation gems

Place your gem over one of the words and trace it with a pencil.

trace gem

Cut out your shape.

Then brush a light layer of Mod Podge or a DIY version of Mod Podge on the flat part of your gem. Place your word cut-out over the glue with the word facing the bubble of the gem.

Glue word on conversation gem-maggie mays

Let dry.

Now you have a fun conversation gem that your kids can swap with their friends.

Glass conversation gems

You can also put them in bowls and use them as decoration during Love month!

jar of glass conversation gems

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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11 thoughts on “Conversation Gems-A Non-Candy Valentine’s Treat

  1. I don’t like the conversation hearts-they’re really cute, I just don’t like the taste of them. So these are great for me!! And I know my girl would get a kick out of them too!

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