Make Party Straws Out Of Candy

Make Candy Party Straws using Red Vines http://maggiemaysgifts.comI’m finding that the simplest things can make anything feel like a party to my kids. Throw some sprinkles on a vanilla cone…party! Toss a few berries into seltzer water…party! Slap on some $.25 tattoos…party!

These Red Vines candy straws are no exception.

DSC06554Just cut off both ends of a Red Vine licorice.



Stick them into a smoothie, juice, or milkshake.


And you have an instant party.


I think the guests are happy.


DSC06564Simplest DIY, ever.


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14 thoughts on “Make Party Straws Out Of Candy

  1. we used to use these for straws all the time growing up, we would also put them in hot chocolate to give it a strawberry flavour

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