Easy Fix For A Bag With Cracking Handles

Whenever you have a bag (that you use a lot) that isn’t genuine leather, you usually end up with handles that start cracking. One day, I grabbed this Clinique bag to return books to the library and from that day on (mainly out of laziness), it had become my purse.

Save a purse with cracking handles I’m not sure if it was the plastic, waterproof material that I appreciated so much or the fact that it sat upright in a perfect cube. But either way, I was attached to this little bag.

Then sadly, the clear plastic on the handles started to crack. Now this would be the time most people would throw the bag away, but I like to think I’m loyal.

I wanted to see if I could make this bag hang on just a little bit longer. The nice thing about experimenting like this is the bag is already ruined so I can’t mess it up too much.

My vision was to use a thicker, white twine or rope but I decided to just use what I already had in the garage. This white twine is a little thinner than I wanted (meaning more work) but that’s ok.

How to save a purse from cracking handles

Starting at the base of the handle, I wrapped the twine around and tied a knot. Then I just started wrapping.


It really helped to hold it in place along the way with a binder clip because I wanted the twine really tight and close together.


I also dabbed super glue in between the twine here and there to hold it down.


When I had the handle all wrapped, I cut the extra twine off my end knots and covered the knot with super glue.


Now my painful, Edward Scissorhandles areย nice and soft ๐Ÿ™‚



Just for fun, I interlaced a piece of the twine to some jewelry pieces and tied it around the base of a handle.How-to-save-a-purse-from-cracking-handles


Now I’m ready for summer. Or something.How-to-save-a-purse-from-cracking-handles

If you have a bag you want to save you could try a thicker twine, jute, or even leather. Get creative with a bag you can’t part with!


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19 thoughts on “Easy Fix For A Bag With Cracking Handles

  1. That is a really cute bag-I can see getting attached. This is a good idea-I’m always the one to just throw it away or donate it. But you’re always so creative with EVERYTHING, I think next time I’ll try to think outside of the box and try to fix it before I trash it.

  2. Another great idea, Jill! In an effort to try to save a favorite, it turned out to be an even cuter bag! I’ll remember this the next time I’m tempted to toss a well-used bag.

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