The BEST gift you can give your kids (Hint: It’s Free)

I’ve been working on a project for a while now that I can’t wait to share with you soon! The project involves connecting with the generations before us to draw out their best stories~the stories that made them who they are. It’s been a lot of fun (and a lot of work) but I think it’s really important so it’s become sort of a passion project 🙂

In my research, I’ve connected with people who share similar philosophies and are doing their own exciting work. One person, in particular, is Jennifer from Tales of a Peanut. She has an online paper and gift shop with all kinds of beautiful paper products. Her latest line is called Handwritten Heritage.

handwritten heritage2

Photo courtesy of Handwritten Heritage

While my project is connecting with previous generations, hers connects with the future ones. It’s a beautiful line of stationery with topic prompts at the top of each page. The writer is to share her thoughts and advice on that topic for her children and grandchildren to someday read.

Handmade Heritage

Photo courtesy of Handwritten Heritage

These notes are a beautiful way to pass along your thoughts and sentiments to your kids and their kids. The topic prompts are nice, too, because they help when you aren’t sure exactly what to say.

Feel free to visit her Website for more information or to buy the stationery sets. They are sure to be your kids’ favorite inheritance.

As Jennifer was launching her stationery line, there was, coincidentally, an article in Columbus Business First about a downtown hotel that was razed in 1969. In the process of the demolition, a time capsule was found that contained a letter from August 2, 1915. The letter was written by John G. Deshler, the owner of the hotel at the time of construction, and it was written for the future generation, specifically to the persons who would be tearing down his building. Reading his letter was fascinating and is a perfect example of what a treasure it is to write to our descendants.

The complete letter is available on the site under John Deshler Letter. It’s worth the two minutes it takes to read.

All of this is a great reminder that our kids really won’t want our stuff after we are gone. It will be our stories and words from the heart that they will cherish forever. Maybe you could even involve your kids. Have them write a letter to their future self. That would make a great graduation gift! 🙂

Happy Writing.


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17 thoughts on “The BEST gift you can give your kids (Hint: It’s Free)

  1. I do something sort of similar, but *this* is really lovely. I like how it’s organized and how beautiful it is. One of my favorite memories is interviewing my Grandpa and remembering the things he told me about meeting my Grandma and his life as a child. It really is a treasure to have memories from the older generation passed down. Such a lovely idea!

  2. I love the idea of a time capsule! My friend and I buried one when we were in middle school. I wonder if it’s been found yet…LOL! Maybe someone will contact me on FB someday. Ha! I think it would be so much fun to do something like this with the kids!

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