Turn Your Worries Into Wishes

Turn your worries into wishesThis all started because my daughter and I have been reading this book about a fisherman who meets a magical fish who can grant wishes. The fisherman is content but his wife gets greedier and greedier demanding more wishes from the poor fish until, finally, the fish gets so mad he turns her back into a content woman. Or she miraculously does on her own. It’s hard to tell.

Anyway, at the back of the book is a craft instruction for kids to make their own wishing well and my daughter became obsessed. She was determined to make a huge wishing well out of the biggest box she could find. Instead, I gave her a old yogurt tub and told her to decorate it. Within ten minutes she lost interest.

I, on the other hand, became the obsessed one. I really liked the idea of having a place to put my wishes.

This project reminded me of a book that my cousin loves and shared called, The God Box. And since I love almost anything that my cousin recommends, I read it.

The God Box image

It’s a quick, easy read about a woman who stored all of her worries and fears in a box she called her God Box. Whenever she was worried about something, she would write it down on whatever scrap of paper was handy and put it into a box. She would even do this for other people who confided their concerns to her. She would tell them, “I’ll put it in The God Box.”  This would allow her and them to then move on. When she passed, her kids found boxes of these scraps of paper containing all kinds of worries and wishes over the years and her daughter wrote this lovely book about it.

(Sorry for all the book reports in this post. I do have a point.)

I love the idea of a God Box for my worries because I could probably fill tubs with them, but I also really believe in the law of attraction which states that like attracts like. What you think about becomes your reality. If that is the case, then I figure writing my fears down will only give them life.

I like the idea of a wishing well because it forces me to rephrase any fear or worry into a positive statement. So, instead of worrying that some punk will offer my five year old a cigarette on her bus ride to school, I will wish that she have a smooth, smoke-free commute in the mornings. 🙂  It actually becomes a fun challenge to put a positive spin on any negative worry.

Unlike my daughter, I did not want a huge box for this project. I wanted something simple that could blend in with my decor.

I decided to use this metal star that I inherited during one of my sister’s many moves. It’s perfect because it has a hinge and opens up leaving a hollow center to hold scraps of paper. And since you are supposed to wish upon a star, it seemed fitting.


First, I painted it white using spray paint.


Then I dipped the tips into gold, metallic paint.


And now I have a super sneaky spot to place all of my written wishes.

Turn your worries into wishes



Oh, and if you have a wish, let me know…I’ll put it in there 🙂


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21 thoughts on “Turn Your Worries Into Wishes

  1. I agree, when we write worries or fears down, it gives it power. I love your positive spin on the exercise. And I adore the star! What a great idea! Every since I started reading your blog, I have begun to see things around my house differently. Do I need a corner to spruce up? No problem! What would Jill do?

  2. When my children were young we had a “worry jar”. Your version is, as always, so much more aesthetically pleasing! Really great idea and execution, Jill. You have me thinking ~~~

  3. I had a special box years ago ….you’re going to love your star in the future because of all the wishes that will have come true !!

  4. That’s so cool! I really love the message and idea. I’m from Bethlehem in PA and we call those Moravian stars where we are from.

  5. I LOVE this! It’s so neat that you put a positive spin on your worries to create wishes. I need to make my own wish box. It will be filled in no time because I’m a huge worrier. Hopefully, this will help change my perspective a little too. Thank you for sharing the book too.

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