Bribe Your Kids With These…They Work.

Over the summer, I got a little spoiled being able to use popsicles as a bribing tool with my kids. I finally caved and bought the sugary, almost-neon ones and, consequently, created monsters out of my kids. The good kind of monsters, though. The ones that can be bribed and lured by sugary treats.

As much as I was loving my parenting with popsicles, I realized I really should have a better plan. And by plan, I mean adding trickery to the bribery. Continue reading


Frozen Hot Chocolate (Light Version)

hot-to-make-frozen-hot-chocolate-lightWhile the name, Frozen Hot Chocolate, really makes no sense, it still sounds delicious. In fact, Serendipity, a famous ice cream parlor in New York City, has made the name synonomous with heaven.

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