Turn a Kleenex Box into Home Décor

use a kleenex box for home decor-https://maggiemaysgifts.wordpress.com/2015/02/19/turn-a-kleenex-box-into-home-decor/

Who needs a decorative tissue box cover anymore when Kleenex and other companies are making the boxes with all kinds of fun patterns? Continue reading


Who won the Fresh Thyme Gift Card?

IIia Jordan winner

Thank you so much to everyone who commented to participate!! I really appreciate your reading this blog and for all of your comments!! Congratulations, IIia.

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Thank You

I wanted to give a special Thank You to everyone who donated inspirational non-fiction and fiction books to help us build an inspirational library for the women at Amethyst Recovery Center.

Thank You!!
Upper Arlington Public Library
Tri-Village Lion’s Club
Columbus Metropolitan Library
SharonBrooke Assisted Living
Upper Arlington Lutheran Church
Ginny Flint and “The Angels”
Jenna Beeson
Julie Overmeyer

And thank you to my sister-in-law, Jill, for her generous donation of inspirational Origami Owl jewelry for the women!!

If I’ve forgotten anyone, I’m sorry!

What is Amethyst?

Amethyst is a holistic recovery center for women. They are provided with housing, food, counseling, treatment programs, and career coaching in a family environment. In exchange, they must abstain from all drugs, alcohol, and tobacco and be commited to a full recovery and entrance into the workplace.

While all material needs are provided for them through this program, dedication and commitment must come from within. That is where the power of a great book comes in.

We hope this library continues to inspire them on their journey to recovery and, most importantly, reminds them that they are supported and loved.

book red heart

The Columbus Dispatch did a wonderful feature of this project. The article can be read here.


The library is up and running. If you have books you would like to donate, please contact Amethyst directly to see if they have room for more. Thank you!!

Amethyst: (614)-242-1284

Or, if you have a few inspirational books you can part with, keep them in your car to give to homeless people you come across. The right book at the right time can truly change lives.

Thanks again!!

The Kindness of Strangers

I just wanted to share a quick update on our inspirational book drive for the women at Amethyst Recovery Center. You can read more about that project here.

Many thanks go out to the generosity of organizations, businesses and individuals. Without the kindness of strangers and friends, this project wouldn’t be possible.

We have quite a collection going so far!


Due to the generous response, we now plan to give one book to each woman enrolled in the program and get a small library started for all of the women to borrow from.

We still need more children’s books so we can give a book to each child, as well. So if you’re about to make a Goodwill drop off of books or you are with an organization hoping to participate, please let me know. You can email me at maggiemays@live.com.


Book Drive For Women’s Recovery Center

Want to make a difference?


Maggie May’s Gifts is requesting donations of new or used inspirational, non-fiction books. Even one book will help. Check your basements!
We will be donating them to the women enrolled at Amethyst Recovery Center.

What is Amethyst?


Amethyst is a holistic recovery center for women. The women enrolled have made the decision to be there and have agreed to the conditions of the program. They are provided with housing, food, counseling, treatment programs, and career coaching in a family environment. In exchange, they must abstain from all drugs, alcohol, and tobacco and be commited to a full recovery and entrance into the workplace.

Why Amethyst?

The only time to truly help another person is when they are open and accepting of the help. Until then, no matter how loving your intentions are, your efforts will be wasted.
That is why offering the gift of motivation and inspiration to the women at Amethyst is so important. Each woman there has made the courageous decision to get help and now is the time to be there for them.

While all material needs are provided for them through this program, dedication and commitment must come from within. The power of a great book can be enough to encourage a woman to keep going when she feels like giving up. It can remind her that the love of her children is much stronger than any drug. It can even inspire her to reach out to someone else who may be in need.

While it may seem like “just a book”, please know that it is so much more than that.

book heart

We all want a society filled with less crime, abuse, hunger, and violence. Getting to the root of the problem (poverty and drug addiction) is the key.
Helping these moms can help keep their children out of foster care and safe from hunger and abuse.

book red heart

Thank you so much for helping us make sure that every woman in this program gets her own book.

All book donations may be mailed to:

c/o Maggie May’s Book Drive
455 East Mound Street
Columbus, OH 43215

Be sure to tell the post office you are mailing a book. They offer a discount for media mailings.

If you are in the Columbus area, please feel free to email me at maggiemays{at}live{dot}com and I will be happy to pick the books up from you.

Healthy Ice Cream (non-dairy)

If you are avoiding dairy or just looking for a healthier version of ice cream, you will love this recipe.


It is so easy and tastes amazing. Plus, it has no dairy, added sugar, or weird ingredients.

All you need are:
2 (frozen) bananas
1 tablespoon almond or peanut butter
1 teaspoon cocoa powder
3-4 tablespoons almond milk.

For a low-fat version, just omit the almond butter.

non-dairy ice cream

First you will want to slice up some bananas and put them into a freezer bag.

non-dairy ice cream

Be sure to separate the pieces so they freeze flat. Otherwise you can get a big clump of banana slices when they all freeze together.

This is a nice way to save a bunch of bananas that aren’t going to make it much longer.

non-dairy ice cream

Slice them up and freeze them so you have them ready when you get a sweet craving. You can freeze them in single serving bags to make it easier. I usually do two bananas per bag.

When you are ready, pour a bag of your frozen bananas, carob powder, almond butter and almond milk into a food processor.

non-dairy ice cream

Blend for 1-2 minutes or until smooth and you are done. If you want more of a milkshake consistency, just add more almond milk.

I love this treat because kids think they are getting a sweet dessert but it’s actually all good stuff!


You can also do this with frozen strawberries for a version of strawberry ice cream. I’d love to hear your variations on this. I’m sure there are a ton!


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Greeting Card Mission Complete

Maggie May’s has been on a mission to get 500 volunteer-made greeting cards into the hands of local foster kids and teens.

Through a lot of helping hands, we just dropped off our 500th card!

We dropped off half of the cards (250 of them!) to Jessica at My Very Own Blanket. They are a wonderful organization that has given thousands of volunteer-made blankets to foster kids over the years. They are going to give a handmade card along with a blanket to a foster child to help them feel loved and secure.


The second half (250 cards) were dropped off to Elizabeth and Leesa at Franklin County Children’s Services. 

children's services


Leesa gave me a tour of their Holiday Wish warehouse. It is such a great program to get holiday toys to kids and teens currently in foster care. If you are able to donate to a toy drive in your area, please do. It really does make a difference to a child.

This mission could not have been accomplished without all of the help! Thank you to all the kids, adults, and seniors who helped make these greeting cards.



art chix

And thank you to Dublin Recreation Center, Whole Foods-Dublin, Whole Foods-UA, Columbus Museum of Art, Mrs. Chrisenberry, The Art Chix and Aussie Fit Hilliard for your help!

We hope these cards will help brighten someone’s day and give encouragement and hope to a child.