Easy Peasy Balloon Garland

When it comes to birthday parties, the main thing I look for in the food and decorations is easy.

When I wanted to add a little flair to my son’s 2nd birthday, this balloon garland was the easiest thing ever.


All you have to do is blow up a bunch of balloons and tie fishing line around the knot of each one.


Make sure to leave a foot or two of fishing line at both ends of the garland to help with hanging it.

Once your first balloon is tied, tape it to a hard surface to keep it in place while you tie the others. Otherwise, the balloons start floating around and you could have a tangled mess.



Once your garland is the length you want, you can tape it or tie it wherever you like!



With any leftover balloons, fill a couple garbage bags full and dump them onto the kids from a loft area 🙂


By using select colors, this garland make an easy decoration for baby showers or other themed parties.

For some reason, the balloons stay full when hanging upside down like this, so this might be a good decoration if you have a longer celebration and you want them up for a week or two!

You could also use this garland to line the doorway of the birthday boy or girl. Here is my daughter’s doorway on her birthday.



Easy Peasy. Have Fun!


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Balloon Entertainment

We went to a birthday party recently that had a lot of fun games and activities that the kids were enjoying. My kids, on the other hand, chose to only play with the balloon decorations the entire time.

So, this weekend, when we heard another wave of snow and ice was coming (a.k.a. we were going to be stuck inside), I thought I’d get some balloons and see if they would bring us a little sanity.

Let’s just say that was the best dollar I’ve spent in a while. They had a blast and actually got some exercise. So, if you all are stuck inside as well, give this a try!

kids activity using balloons kids activity using balloons kids activity using balloons kids activity using balloons

Of course, the ultimate goal of any kids’ activity is to wear them out.

kids activity using balloonskids activity using balloons


kids activity using balloons

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kids activity using balloons