Just Add Paint

This is a story about a little can of paint that saved an old owl’s life.

owl before

Normally, I would look right past this old 70’s owl light switch plate, but lucky for him, he was my grandma’s so I gave him another look.

I wanted to see how this little guy would look with a hot pink update. All I needed was some primer and spray paint. In the end, I realized I needed a Sharpie marker too.

First, I painted him with primer so his surface wouldn’t be so slick and the paint would stick better.

owl primer

After that dried, I sprayed him with hot pink spray paint.

owl painted

Then I realized I painted over his eyes so I used a purple Sharpie to give him eyes.


I purposefully made both of his eyes facing the bed because I thought it would be cute to tell my daughter that the owl was saying, “Owl be watching you while you sleep.” But then I decided that was a little creepy.


So don’t forget the power of paint the next time you see something that you don’t think is attractive. You just might start looking at things in a whole new way.

entryway before


Before After Owl Collage

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Three Unexpected Ways to Use Doilies

When I think of doilies, I usually think of Valentine’s Day. Although, sometimes I think of the Frasier episode where Marty called Frasier and Niles a couple of delicate doilies. Either way, they usually don’t make me think of home décor.

I wanted to stretch my mind for a minute and see if I could come up with a few ways to use doilies around the house. They are really cheap and great for making anything feminine and fun.

The first project was really easy. This worked for me because we have a room with dark paint so the white doily stood out. All I did was line up my doilies a little lower than mid-way down the wall to create a border. I just used double-sided tape.

New ways to use doilies

If you love the look and know you want to keep it a long time, you can glue the doily down and seal it with a clear gloss or even Mod-Podge. If you want to be able to change the look again soon, just tape them up.

New ways to use doilies

New ways to use doilies

The second experiment was to create a ceiling border by cutting the doilies in half so they would line up against the ceiling and wall edge for this look.

New ways to use doilies

Finally, I wanted to try to use the doilies on a piece of furniture that was just sitting in our garage, rotting. Here is the table before, yucky and water-stained.

New ways to use doilies

I cleaned it and painted two coats of primer on it.

New ways to use doilies

Since doilies are so girly, I figured this would need to be a table to go in our daughter’s room. Therefore, I went with the obligatory hot pink color.

I was going to paint the whole table hot pink, but after painting the top, I actually like the two-toned look.

New ways to use doilies

I stopped there and then painted the legs and rest of table with two coats of white paint.

I played around with the doilies on the table and glued them down with Mod Podge (can you tell I love that stuff?)

Then I painted a layer of Mod Podge over the entire top to seal it all down.

New ways to use doilies

New ways to use doilies

New ways to use doilies

Shortly after taking this picture, my daughter colored on every one of the doilies on this table. They must have looked like targets or some sort of coloring activity. But thanks to the good old Mod Podge topcoat, the pencil came right off!

This project was a lot of fun. I’d love to hear any other ways you all have used doilies. I’m a little fascinated with them now 🙂

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Easy fix if photo is too small for mat

If a photo you want to use is too small for the opening of the mat you are using (leaving a gap), I have a simple fix for you.

Photo frame fix using fabric

Measure the opening in your mat and then choose a fabric that matches the colors of the room you’ll be hanging the picture.

measure opening to cut fabricPhoto frame fix using fabric

Cut the fabric about one inch longer and wider than your opening and tape it to the back of your mat, right side of the fabric facing outward through the opening.

Photo frame fix using fabric

Tape your photo with double-sided tape in the center of the right side of the fabric on your mat. The photo I used was printed with a white border on it, but any photo will work.

Put completed mat back into the frame and there you go! The nice thing about this is you can change the look as often as you like just by changing out the fabric.

Photo frame fix using fabric

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