Make Sparkle-Toed Shoes With Glitter and Mod Podge

Make sparkle toed shoes with glitter and mod podge
Somehow I have accumulated about a dozen pairs of ballet flats and they are all either grey, black or brown. I wanted to play around with a pair to see if I could add a little pop of color.

Not long ago, I made sparkle dresser knobs with only some Mod Podge and glitter and they were really easy so I thought I’d see if it would work on shoes.

All you need is a pair of ballet flats, Mod Podge, and glitter. With spring on the way, I chose a pastel blend of glitter. Continue reading

Repurpose A Cute Sheet Into A Shirt

The beautiful thing about having your last child is that when he is done with an item (high chair, clothes, etc.) you can get rid of it. No more storing!

The only time this is sad is when they outgrow something that you love.

There was always something about this crib sheet of my daughter’s that made me happy. Once she moved from her toddler bed into a twin, it was time to say goodbye.

Upcycling kids clothes using outgrown items

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Fun body shirt

I saw this idea of a body on a shirt and really wanted to try it. It was actually pretty easy.

kids shirt maggie may's

All I needed was a plain white tee shirt, striped fabric,  brown fabric, an old pair of jeans and some white yarn.


I just hand traced a shirt out of the striped fabric based on the neck on my white shirt. I realized after I made it that it would make a cute Where’s Waldo? shirt. So if you want to do that, make sure the stripes are horizontal. I learned that too late.

Then I cut pants from my denim.


I sewed a button on the pants.


I cut brown fabric for shoes and used yarn for white laces.


Then I just lined my pieces up, pinned them in place and sewed them onto the white shirt with a zig zag stitch.

kids shirt maggie may's

This just makes a fun, little shirt.

kids shirt maggie may's

Where’s Waldo?

kids shirt maggie may's

kids shirt maggie may's

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Button Headband

I recently enjoyed a post from Buttons and Birdcages on a button headband. I thought it was so cute and could not wait to try it out.

I’ll share how mine turned out because I added a few extra things, but please check out her page for the full tutorial. These are super easy and so fun!

To start, you’ll just need a headband, two pieces of felt, buttons, glue and anything else you may want to use to embellish it.


For mine, I twirled yarn around (gluing along the way) to make flowers.


Then I arranged the flowers and buttons how I wanted on the felt and glued them down. Then I just glued the headband in between the two pieces of felt and that was it!





Thanks, Buttons and Birdcages for the adorable idea!

Button Swap

I love this little shirt my niece handed down to my daughter.


It always looked a little masculine on her, though, and it was hard to make it girly. I just wanted something easy and fun to add a little pop to the the shirt.

I decided to look through this basket of buttons from my Grandma Weetie and found the perfect ones to use.


I thought the bright red would stand out nicely and wanted something a little more subtle for the pockets. This lime green was perfect.

I just used a seam ripper to remove the buttons and hand sewed the new buttons on.

Note: It’s really important to test the new buttons out first to make sure they will fit through the holes. Let’s just say you learn from experience on this one!

Now the shirt has a little personality to it with just a simple change of buttons!



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Resurrected Sweater

Save a Sweaterawwww, don’t throw out your poor sweater just because it has a hole in it. Rather than end its life, let it start a new life with a quick patch job.

I actually have to credit this project to my husband. I showed him the hole disappointedly and he said (jokingly), “Why don’t you just slap a patch over it?”

I’m sure he wishes I would just laugh at his jokes. Instead, I take them very seriously.

On the bright side, I called him a genius and left him alone for an hour while I worked on this.

Here is the sad state of the sweater before…


First I sewed along the edges of the hole just to clean it up a bit. I don’t know if this was really necessary, but it felt like the right thing to do.


Next, I cut a circle out of red felt just large enough to cover the hole and pinned it in place.


With a zig-zag stitch on my sewing machine, I sewed around the edge of the red patch (twice for good measure) and that was it.



Since the patch is on the back of the sweater, it definitely is a different look, but I like it.

You could also do this with clothes that have a stain that won’t come out. Just cover the stain with a patch and sew it on in the same manner.

Now go grab your Goodwill bag and see what you can resurrect!

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