Easiest Prank, Ever

April Fool’s Day is over but I felt like we needed to shake things up around our house. I saw this prank at http://www.instructables.com and thought of my husband immediately.


His electronics are very precious to him, so I thought this might be the perfect prank to pull on him.

The full tutorial on how to make this milk spill is explained here so I won’t repeat it in this post.

I don’t have photos of the actual event because I thought holding a camera might look a little obvious.

But here is what the scene looked like. This is his one-week old iPad. The kids who were being framed were sitting nearby.

Milk Spill gag

I realized this prank business takes practice and skill. I have some work to do on my poker face. Luckily, the anticipation of it all was just as fun as the gag itself, so it was worth it.

I am ready for another one, though, so if anyone has any other good gag ideas, I’d love to hear them!


maggie may's milk spill