Here A Germ, There A Germ

The first day of spring is coming up on March 20. To celebrate, I’m sharing a tip that isn’t very exciting but it’s important, so stay with me.

All winter long we deal with colds and flus and runny noses. We clean our sheets and towels and wipe down just about every area of our house. But for some reason we tend to forget about the one thing our hands touch all day long- our door knobs.

So, to really leave the winter and all its germs in the past, please join me in a good, old-fashioned door knob cleaning party.

Grab your favorite cleaner and a towel and take a walk around your house.

Spring cleaning tips spring cleaning tips

And while you’re at it, wipe down your toilet flusher handles.

spring cleaning tipsOh, and your cell phone.

Happy spring!

spring cleaning tips