Fun Way to Display Newspaper Announcements

If you have ever had your child’s birth or another event announced in the newspaper, you know that sometimes it gets totally lost within all the other words on the page.

This is a fun way to make your event stand out and a nice way to display your announcement rather than stick it in a memory box.

Just pick a frame and cut out the section of the paper with your announcement to fit the frame. I suggest photocopying it because it makes the background brighter and then you can save the original.

Using a marker or whatever paint you have on hand, draw a flower or heart around your announcement.

Display Birth Announcement

Let dry and put into your frame.

Display Birth Announcement

This would make a cute new baby gift by using the hospital announcement from the paper. You could also do this with an engagement announcement, short article, meaningful comic strip, or anything else in the newspaper that is special to you or a loved one.

Display Birth Announcement

There are a lot of different ways to use this idea. Hopefully, this will just get you started. ūüôā

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Kitchen Table fort for kids

Who didn’t love hanging out in forts and play houses when they were little?
With just a table and some quilts or fabric, you can create an instant play space.

Dining Room TableStack of sheets

I highly recommend using a king sized quilt or heavy fabric that is large enough to cover the entire table. That way, all you have to do is make the door and windows.

I was set on using only¬†what I had, which meant cutting and sewing the fabric to make it fit.¬†This was a lot more work and since I am clumsy at sewing large pieces, it came out sloppy. But that is okay, especially since kids don’t judge your work, they just enjoy playing with it.

I didn’t take pictures along the way but it’s pretty simple once you’ve got your fabric in place.

Here is the house once it’s all done.

front of house with logo ???????????????????????????????

Since I had to cut and sew, I used the top edge of my sheet to make an awning.

For the door, just make a slit and sew ribbon on the inside of the slits and another piece of ribbon on the outside of the house. This will allow you to pull back the fabric and tie a bow to create this opening.


For the windows, just cut a square out of the fabric and sew two equal sizes of fabric on the top of the square. Then you can sew the center of a piece of ribbon to the side of the window. This allows you to pull the curtain back and tie it in a bow.


You can do whatever you want with these houses. You can make a mailbox, more windows, a patio door…whatever.¬†I experimented with tie-up shades ūüôā

close up blinds use this

Now, fill your house with pillows and toys and let your kids have fun!

kids in house with logo

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Wedding Anniversary Box

I’d like to share this wonderful idea for any of you attending weddings this summer. This idea comes from our friend Lara who mailed my husband and me a package on our first wedding anniversary. We couldn’t believe she remembered our anniversary, let alone sent a gift! When we opened it, it was filled with the save the date, invitation, program, table cards, and other memorabilia from our wedding one year earlier. It was such a thoughtful, sweet gesture and we had so much fun looking through all of the items on our anniversary.
Her gesture meant so much to us, I decided to do it for my dear friend who got married last year. I tried to save as much as I could from her wedding, including the invitations, informational cards, and save the date.


At the wedding, I remembered to save little things like the wine glass tags, monogrammed napkins, and other little items.


Then I just stored it for the year and made sure to mark my calendar for the following year to remember to mail it out with a Happy Anniversary card.

I hope you keep this wonderful idea in mind for any upcoming weddings you are attending. It is so fun and is such a thoughtful gesture that your friends won’t forget. I know we didn’t!

Knit cell phone case (that you don’t have to knit)

I don’t know about you, but the idea of putting my $600 lifeline into a pile of mints, pencils, coins and lotions makes me a little nervous.

make your own cell phone case

Even with a protective cover and case, I still wanted just one more layer of protection on my phone, something that was soft and easy to take on and off.

I thought a knit case would be nice but since I didn’t want to actually knit one, I just used the cuff of a sweater. My smart phone fit (almost) perfectly inside.

If you want to try this, just find an old sweater that you no longer want and cut the cuff off so you have a piece that is about one inch longer than your phone.

make your own cell phone casemake your own cell phone case

This will leave you with a tube of sweater. If¬†your phone fits perfectly in the tube, great! If not, just cut along the seam to open it up. (don’t mind how crooked I cut it)

make your own cell phone case

If you want to add embellishment to your case, I suggest doing it while your cuff is opened up. It’s much easier to sew when it’s open like this. Just figure out how wide you need the case to be for¬†your case to fit snugly¬†and trim it¬†so you know where the¬†center of your case is for your artwork.¬†Remember, a lot of these knit cuffs will have some stretch to it.

make your own cell phone case

You can use fabric, felt, buttons…anything you want to make it fun. Sew it on the front of one of the sides and you’re ready to finish.

Now fold¬†your cuff in half (long ways) to sew the seam back up. It will be inside out at this point.¬† You’ll also need to sew across the bottom to close it up, leaving only the one opening at the top.

Now¬†just turn it right-side out and you’re done!

make your own cell phone case

I also found this pair of my daughter’s mittens that she never wore, but I hung onto to use for something, someday.

make your own cell phone case

They actually fit my phone perfectly, so there was no cutting or sewing needed.

make your own cell phone case

I just got off the cord and decorated it and it was ready to go!

make your own cell phone case

Now I can just throw my phone into my bottomless pit of a purse and not have to worry!

make your own cell phone case

make your own cell phone case

Fun, unique way to send a note or invitation

I recently saw an article about hosting a seed swap. I am not a gardener at all and don’t see myself ever hosting a seed swap but a downloadable seed packet template in the article caught my eye. I figured if I enlarged the template it would make a really cute invitation. And since I was in charge of the invitations for a friend’s upcoming baby shower, I decided to give it a shot.

The template from the magazine was the size of a seed packet, so I just enlarged it to the size I wanted on a copier. I attached my enlarged template in case you want to make these. They are super easy and a lot of fun.
Seed Packet Invitation Template

After I cut out the template, I found some designed cardstock and traced it onto it and cut it out.
make your own invitations

Then I just folded over the flaps to create the packet. Put glue (a glue stick is best) on the areas where the flaps overlap so the packet is sealed. Leave the top flap open.
make your own invitations
make your own invitations

For the invitation, I just typed the invite and copied it so there were four invitations per 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of cardstock. One invitation is about 1/4 of a page after you cut it out.
I used decorative scissors to cut the invitations out causing a curvy edge to each side. I had to trim the invitations a couple times until they slid in and out easily.
make your own invitations

I chose to put a little cut out on the front of the packet that said, “A seedling is ready to sprout..” just to keep with the garden theme. You can put a little note on the front such as, “You’re invited” or “Please join us” or just use the packet as the envelope and stamp and address it like you would any envelope.
make your own invitations
make your own invitations

You might find, like I did, that these are addicting. You can reduce or enlarge the template to any size you want and get really creative. Enlarge it enough to hold a flat 8.5″ x 11″ piece of paper and you’ll have yourself a very memorable resume presentation!

Have fun!


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Wire Guy Necklace

If you haven’t read my previous post, please do. It will explain what is going on here. I had attempted to use up the craft supplies I already own instead of buying new stuff. I say attempted because, unfortunatley,¬†Project Use-Up only lasted one day. By the following day, my crafting ADD had kicked in and I was off on another project, of course one that required new materials.

But, to stay true to my word and not be totally unreliable, I did at least make an attempt to use the wire figures that I painted.¬†Since I had been off¬†on a new jewelry project, I had my head in jewelry mode and with all of the crazy things I’ve seen people wear lately, I figured this couldn’t be so far off.


All I did was¬†fold a strand of¬†brown, mesh ribbon in half and place it through the hand of the guy. Then, inside the wire guy’s arm,¬†I looped both ends through the area where the fold was. This allowed the ribbon to knot perfectly in his hand. I repeated this on the other side so there were two identical strands coming outward from his hands.

Then I tied it in the back of my neck in a bow and voil√†…a necklace!

So I don’t think these are going¬†to go on sale at¬†anytime soon, but it sure was fun to make.


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Project Use-Up

I wasn’t sure exactly how to start this blog, but it came to me as I almost started suffocating in my craft space.


As you can see, my craft area is limited to this 6×6 space in our basement. My storage trickles over into the next room, but for the most part, this is it. Lately I’ve been on a kick of wanting to try new projects-which always requires shopping. You can imagine the look of horror on my husband’s face¬†every time I come home with a bag of more stuff. So, in the spirit of space, I’ve decided to embark on Project Use-Up. I even named it to make it more official. Basically, I can only work on projects using items I already own. Some of this stuff is about fifteen years old and some of it, given to me by my grandma, is around fifty years old. Time to give these lonely, abandoned¬† materials a new home and purpose.

wire guys                  DSC01546                   DSC01548

Let’s start with these wire figures. I still have a drawer of them leftover from a previous business. That was fifteen years ago so the wire is now a little rusted and discolored. Wondering how I could salvage them, I opened up this drawer of paint bottles which were from about fifteen years ago, as well. I scraped off the crusty layer of paint and found some soft (albeit gooey) paint still in the bottle. I painted a few of the wire figures to see what would happen.

Then with the paintbrush in my hand, I started looking around, which is always dangerous. I spotted this old metal bucket and we both knew its fate.


In keeping with the rustic theme of the bucket, I only used a sparse layer of paint leaving an aged look. I found some old twine and patterned cardboard letters and gave this little bucket a new meaning in life; a holder for my daughter’s bows.


This may not be the most exciting project but, hey, we’re just getting started. We’ll find out what happens to the wire guys in a bit…