Make Your Own Glitter Knobs

Every time I go to Anthropologie or World Market, I always have to check out their dresser knobs. They have some of the coolest hardware.

Since this dresser in my kids’ room is a cheap, older one that I’ve had forever, I wasn’t afraid to play around with it. I wanted to see if I could give it a little face lift without spending $100 on knobs.

Here is the dresser before.

DIY Glitter Knobs

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How To Make Tissue Paper Flowers

My favorite plants are those that you don’t have to water. So rather than fill my house with cacti, I thought I’d play around with these paper flowers.

Tissue Paper Flowers

They are really easy and cheap to make and would also make great party or wedding decorations. Or just a way to decorate a bedroom.

Tissue Paper Flowers

All you need is tissue paper, scissors, and a stapler or piece of string.

Stack about six sheets of tissue paper.

Tissue Paper Flowers

Then begin folding the tissue paper in one inch segments.

Tissue Paper Flowers

After one fold, flip the papers over and do the same fold on the other side.

Tissue Paper Flowers

The point is to make an accordion. Make sure you flip after each fold.

Tissue Paper Flowers

Once it is all folded, it will look like this…

Tissue Paper Flowers

Try to slide it under a stapler to staple it right in the middle. If you can’t get it lined up so the staple is straight, you can tie a string or piece of wire around the middle to hold it together.

Tissue Paper Flowers

Trim the edges with a rounded cut.

Tissue Paper Flowers

You can also do a sharp pointed cut to create a different style of flower.

Tissue Paper Flowers

Then stretch out the folded part,

Tissue Paper Flowers

and then carefully pull each piece of tissue paper out until they are all spread apart.

Tissue Paper Flowers

Do that to both sides and you are done!

Tissue Paper Flowers

You can experiment with the sizes, too. The smaller you go, the more time it takes to separate. If you are patient, it is worth it because the small flowers make adorable gift toppers.

Tissue Paper Flowers

If you want to make stemmed flowers, you can take a stick and hot glue it into the flower.

Tissue Paper Flowers

Put it into a vase filled with pebbles and you have a seriously low-maintenance bouquet of flowers!

Tissue Paper Flowers

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Sparkle Twig Headboard

I found this twig decoration at a yard sale for $1.00.


I’ve had this piece for about a year waiting to use it to decorate my daughter’s bed when she got out of a crib. We knew her first bed was going to be a toddler bed that was passed down through my husband’s family. It is a great bed but it doesn’t allow for a headboard so I knew it would need something. This piece was perfect.

I wanted to make it a little girly but also kind of fun so I went with a pale pink spray paint and sparkles!


First I spray painted the twig piece and then immediatley sprinkled different shades of glitter all over it while the paint was still wet. By doing this, the glitter dried right into the paint preventing a mess every time you touched it.


I love the way the light reflects off the sparkles. Unfortunately my photos don’t do it justice.



Then we just hung it right over her bed and it added the perfect sparkly touch.




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Ball Themed Kid’s Room

I’ve never been into theme-y bedrooms for my kids but I’d been considering one lately because my son has shown a clear infatuation with any type of ball. In fact, that was his first word.

Last month, A Wee Nest announced they were doing a September challenge. Basically, pick a project  on Pinterest that you’ve been wanting to do for a while but keep putting off, and just do it.

I thought this would be the perfect chance to attempt a ball themed bedroom.

The pin that inspired me was from Inspired By This. This is an image from a baby shower they did using yarn balls (photograph by Studio EMP).

yarn balls inspired by this

I was stumped for most of September on this challenge and then I finally just got started and hoped it would lead me to a finished project.

First, I took these sheets of Styrofoam that were used for shipping and cut four circles out them using a circular glass that was the perfect size as my template.



Then I took a skirt I was going to donate and a quilt I had and cut out squares of fabric from them just bigger than the circle.



Then using a glue gun, I started folding down the fabric onto the back of the circle. I burned almost every finger. Be warned, this part can be dangerous.


Then I had four wrapped circles of Styrofoam.


On the back I bent up the tip of a paperclip to make a hook and glued it to the back of the circle with hot glue.


Then using removable 3M hooks (none of my home decor is considered permanent), I hung the circles up on the wall.


Then drawing on my inspiration pin (see above) I made little balls of yarn for decoration. Basically, I crumpled up a wad of newspaper and wrapped yarn around it until it looked like a ball of yarn.


On some of them, I left a loop of yarn to create a hook so I could hang them from the curtain rod and tie back hook.





I think my favorite part of this project is how lightweight everything is. So when the kids inevitably rip a circle off the wall or a ball off the curtain and hurl it across the room, we will all be ok.

That, and hearing my son say, “ball, ball, ball” every morning from his crib.

Thanks, A Wee Nest, for hosting this challenge! It was a lot of fun. My final project looks nothing like the original pin but I guess that is the beauty of inspiration…it does its own thing.

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Just Add Paint

This is a story about a little can of paint that saved an old owl’s life.

owl before

Normally, I would look right past this old 70’s owl light switch plate, but lucky for him, he was my grandma’s so I gave him another look.

I wanted to see how this little guy would look with a hot pink update. All I needed was some primer and spray paint. In the end, I realized I needed a Sharpie marker too.

First, I painted him with primer so his surface wouldn’t be so slick and the paint would stick better.

owl primer

After that dried, I sprayed him with hot pink spray paint.

owl painted

Then I realized I painted over his eyes so I used a purple Sharpie to give him eyes.


I purposefully made both of his eyes facing the bed because I thought it would be cute to tell my daughter that the owl was saying, “Owl be watching you while you sleep.” But then I decided that was a little creepy.


So don’t forget the power of paint the next time you see something that you don’t think is attractive. You just might start looking at things in a whole new way.

entryway before


Before After Owl Collage

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