Make Your Own Glitter Knobs

Every time I go to Anthropologie or World Market, I always have to check out their dresser knobs. They have some of the coolest hardware.

Since this dresser in my kids’ room is a cheap, older one that I’ve had forever, I wasn’t afraid to play around with it. I wanted to see if I could give it a little face lift without spending $100 on knobs.

Here is the dresser before.

DIY Glitter Knobs

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Make Your Own Mod Podge

Anyone who likes to decoupage or do crafts that involve sealing images onto furniture, bottles, and other objects, you’ve most likely come across Mod Podge. It’s a great glue/sealant and can be used on all kinds of projects.

The only problem with it is that at around $8.00 for a small jar, it can get expensive if you use it a lot or have a larger project.

I’d heard of making your own and thought I would give it a try.


All you need is:
1 clean, dry jar with a lid
1 bottle of white glue


Pour your glue into your jar and add water. Many of the recipes out there called for a 50/50 mixture of glue to water but I found that to be a little too runny. I preferred a ratio more like 2 parts glue to 1 part water.

Shake Well.


That’s it!

Apply just as you would your Mod Podge.

I wanted to test my new concoction out on a simple project. For this decorative jar, I just put a layer of glue right on the jar and then placed a strip of pretty paper over it. Then I just applied more glue on top of the paper and along the edges to seal it down.


I wiped off any excess glue left on the glass and let it dry.


This formula makes a matte finish, which I really love.


I’m used to the glossy look of Mod Podge, but I thought the matte looked great. You can’t even tell there is a sealant there.


If you want to try this and get started right away, here are some ideas of different ways to use your new mixture.


personalized wine bottlesdoily wall

DSC04025 summer sippers 4th of july bowl final-veggie-jars-inside-with-logo

I’d probably stick with real Mod Podge if you’re doing a special project that might involve family photos or sentimental items. I’m sure it has ingredients that produce a longer lasting finish. But for fun little projects like the jar above, this DIY alternative is great!


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Glass Jar Fun

In an effort to replace our plastic food containers with glass, I started saving all of the jars from sauces, jelly, pickles, etc.  It’s a cheap (well, free) way to get started rather than buy a bunch of new glassware all at once. They are a great, non-toxic alternative to plastics, especially if you like to heat your leftovers up right in the container.


I decided to play around with them using paint, Mod Podge, and some printouts from the computer just to see what would happen, especially on ones with stubborn labels that just will not come off.

After sanitizing the jar really well (dishwasher with hot cycle is enough), I painted directly on the outside of the jar with acrylic paint, which I think I bought in the craft section of Wal-Mart. You can paint the whole jar or just a section, whatever you want.

Don’t forget to paint the lid, too.


Once that dries (usually 12-24 hours) you’ll need to do another coat. You may have to do several coats to get the coverage you want.

Once it’s painted how you want,  spread a layer of Mod Podge over the painted jar with a sponge brush (or paintbrush-whatever you have). You now have a layer of glue on your jar and you can place whatever cutouts you want on it. I went with a veggie theme.


Place your cutouts wherever you like painting on top of them with the Mod Podge, which acts as a glue and a sealant so it goes under and over everything. Be sure to paint Mod Podge on your lid, too. It will look white-ish and goopy, but don’t worry, it dries clear.


Let that dry (again 12-24 hours) and repeat so you have several coats of Mod Podge. You want the paint and the cutouts to be completely sealed. Let dry at least 48 hours before washing.

After washing, they are ready to be used!


Note: Hand wash only. The dishwasher will melt the paint right off in one big clump.

Note: If you mess up or don’t like how it turned out, put it in the dishwasher. It will melt the paint right off in one big clump and you can start over 🙂

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Fun Summer Sippers

Summer is finally here so it’s time for a fun way to drink our cold drinks.

This project started because I bought these cucumber melon waters thinking they were just flavored sparkling water, but after I got them home I realized they were filled with sugar and they were too sweet. Anyway, as I was pouring them down the drain (sad, I know) I noticed that the bottles were nice because they were all clear.


I recently bought Crackle Medium to try on a wood piece I have so I thought I would experiment to see if it works on glass, too. Crackle Medium is a liquid you paint on between coats of paint that causes the paint to crackle, giving it an aged look. It’s pretty cool stuff.

The first thing I did was run the bottles through the dishwasher and then soaked them in hot water to get the labels off. Then I used painters tape to tape off sections and patterns for the bottles.


For the crackle effect to work, you need contrasting colors of paint. Since I wanted white as my final paint, I used a darker paint for my first coat. I just painted it right onto the bottle.


After that dried, I painted a coat of the Crackle Medium. With this stuff, just paint it in one direction and immediately move to the next section. You don’t want to stroke up and down in the same spot.

After that coat dries completely, you can paint your top coat.


With the top coat, it is the same thing…you don’t want to stroke up and down in the same spot. Just one brushstroke in one direction and move over to the next section. You’ll notice the crackle effect starts to take place almost immediately.

After your top coat dries completely, you can add fun decorations. I cut out circles of fabric to put on the bottle. So for those bottles, I painted a coat of Mod Podge on the bottle first, put my fabric pieces in place and then painted another coat on top to seal in all in.


You could also just dab dots of paint as decoration.


Let everything dry completely and paint a final coat of Mod Podge over it to seal it in. You don’t need to seal the whole bottle, just the part that is painted.

And, then you are done. Time to fill it with a fun drink and make it a party!



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