Easy fix if photo is too small for mat

If a photo you want to use is too small for the opening of the mat you are using (leaving a gap), I have a simple fix for you.

Photo frame fix using fabric

Measure the opening in your mat and then choose a fabric that matches the colors of the room you’ll be hanging the picture.

measure opening to cut fabricPhoto frame fix using fabric

Cut the fabric about one inch longer and wider than your opening and tape it to the back of your mat, right side of the fabric facing outward through the opening.

Photo frame fix using fabric

Tape your photo with double-sided tape in the center of the right side of the fabric on your mat. The photo I used was printed with a white border on it, but any photo will work.

Put completed mat back into the frame and there you go! The nice thing about this is you can change the look as often as you like just by changing out the fabric.

Photo frame fix using fabric

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