Kitchen Table fort for kids

Who didn’t love hanging out in forts and play houses when they were little?
With just a table and some quilts or fabric, you can create an instant play space.

Dining Room TableStack of sheets

I highly recommend using a king sized quilt or heavy fabric that is large enough to cover the entire table. That way, all you have to do is make the door and windows.

I was set on using only what I had, which meant cutting and sewing the fabric to make it fit. This was a lot more work and since I am clumsy at sewing large pieces, it came out sloppy. But that is okay, especially since kids don’t judge your work, they just enjoy playing with it.

I didn’t take pictures along the way but it’s pretty simple once you’ve got your fabric in place.

Here is the house once it’s all done.

front of house with logo ???????????????????????????????

Since I had to cut and sew, I used the top edge of my sheet to make an awning.

For the door, just make a slit and sew ribbon on the inside of the slits and another piece of ribbon on the outside of the house. This will allow you to pull back the fabric and tie a bow to create this opening.


For the windows, just cut a square out of the fabric and sew two equal sizes of fabric on the top of the square. Then you can sew the center of a piece of ribbon to the side of the window. This allows you to pull the curtain back and tie it in a bow.


You can do whatever you want with these houses. You can make a mailbox, more windows, a patio door…whatever. I experimented with tie-up shades 🙂

close up blinds use this

Now, fill your house with pillows and toys and let your kids have fun!

kids in house with logo

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