Decorative Paper Clips

Office life doesn’t have to be boring. With a few simple steps, you can spruce up any document.

To get started, get some large paper clips.

decorative paper clips

Make sure that you put your embellishments on the top of the paper clip away from the inside clip that comes down onto the paper. Otherwise, your embellishment will be in the way.

decorative paper clips

For this ribbon design, just cut a piece of thin ribbon and fold it in half.

decorative paper clips

Place the folded area inside the paper clip and pull the end through it. decorative paper clips

decorative paper clips

You can glue chipboard letters on….

decorative paper clips

..which can make a fun filing system.

decorative paper clips

You can also glue buttons together,

decorative paper clips

and then sandwich your paper clip between your buttons with hot glue to make a button clip.

decorative paper clips

decorative paper clips

This can make a cute money clip,

decorative paper clips

or clip for your business cards.

decorative paper clips

This is an easy way to stand out (any salespeople out there?) or just add a little color to your office.

Have fun!

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Just Add Paint

This is a story about a little can of paint that saved an old owl’s life.

owl before

Normally, I would look right past this old 70’s owl light switch plate, but lucky for him, he was my grandma’s so I gave him another look.

I wanted to see how this little guy would look with a hot pink update. All I needed was some primer and spray paint. In the end, I realized I needed a Sharpie marker too.

First, I painted him with primer so his surface wouldn’t be so slick and the paint would stick better.

owl primer

After that dried, I sprayed him with hot pink spray paint.

owl painted

Then I realized I painted over his eyes so I used a purple Sharpie to give him eyes.


I purposefully made both of his eyes facing the bed because I thought it would be cute to tell my daughter that the owl was saying, “Owl be watching you while you sleep.” But then I decided that was a little creepy.


So don’t forget the power of paint the next time you see something that you don’t think is attractive. You just might start looking at things in a whole new way.

entryway before


Before After Owl Collage

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New Use for Honey Jar (Hand Scrub Holder)

honey jar maggie may's gifts

When I came across this honey jar, I immediately had images of visiting a local bee farm, filling it with raw, organic honey, and enjoying it at breakfast. Then I remembered I rarely eat honey, breakfast is usually served in the car, and I’m scared of bees and would never visit their farm.

But the little jar was so cute.

My Aunt Ginny was telling me about a homemade hand scrub she’s been using and I thought this jar would be perfect for that.

There are many different recipes for hand scrubs but I wanted to use what I had on hand. It doesn’t matter exactly what you use as long as you have the two main components: an exfoliant and a moisturizer.

ingredients for honey jar scrub maggie mays

I used salt and olive oil. You can use brown or regular sugar as your exfoliant. Coconut oil would work but it changes consistency depending on the temperature of the room which is why olive oil is nice. Just use what you have on hand.

Mix the ingredients together in your container. I used half salt and half oil. You’ll notice that the oil rises to the top and all the granules are at the bottom. This honey jar is so great because the little dipper stick is always right there to stir it before using. Otherwise, you’ll want to have a stirrer nearby at all times to stir before each use. Just put about a tablespoon in your hand, massage for a minute and rinse. The olive oil may feel a little greasy afterwards so rinse well. I still usually follow with a little lotion.

Place it on your sink for easy access and use everyday.

sink with hand scrub honey jar

I didn’t notice until posting this picture that I put the honey jar next to a Burt’s Bees lotion. It must be fate. 🙂

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sink with hand scrub honey jar

Turn a sweater into pillows

Before After Sweater Pic

I rarely buy clothes without trying them on first, but of course the one time I do, I end up with this beauty.

sweater pic with logo


I’m not sure what the problem was. It is a sweater. How hard is that to try on? Whatever the reason, I bought it. When I got home and put it on, I was instantly transported onto the set of The Golden Girls.
The show=awesome. The clothes=even more awesome.

I wanted to do something with it (other than wear it!) because I liked the pattern and the colors. I love the look of sweater pillows and I thought this actually might make cute throw pillows.

Let’s see.

For this button pillow, I cut part of the sweater into two rectangles and sewed them together with the bright sides facing inward. I left one side open and turned the pillow right side out (so my seams were hidden) and stuffed it with pillow filling. I folded my open side down twice and sewed it to the sweater, creating a folded section. I sewed three buttons along the fold for decoration.


For the following sweater, I used a throw pillow that I already had as my base. I placed the corner of the pillow up into the cuff (the white corner was the cuff) and used a button to hide the ends that I had to mush together.


I was able to wrap around the sweater and sew it along the other seam. Since I was sewing the seam on the outside, I decided to do a scrunched look.


With the scraps I had left, I made borders along white pillow cases that I had.



I was able to use up almost all of the sweater!




So before you go buy living room or porch pillows, take a look in your closet first!

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Turn Toys into bathroom décor

Do these baskets of toys look familiar?



It seems like this accumulation of toys is inevitable if you have kids but just seeing these baskets of random pieces and parts makes me crazy.

I wanted to come up with a way to give some of these toys one last run before going from the toy bin to the trash bin.

If your kids have their own bathroom, this is a fun little way to  doll it up. (pun intended, I guess.)

Here is my kids’ bathroom before.


Not very exciting.

I just rummaged through their toy baskets for soft, cute toys. Most of them already had hooks.


For the ones that didn’t, I just sewed a loop on the back of the toy with needle and thread.


Then I just hung them through the shower curtain hooks like this..


..and it brought their bathroom to life.

It feels a little toy story-ish in there now, like the dolls are going to start talking to me, but it’s fun.


So, if you’re feeling too sentimental to throw anything away just yet, try giving it a new use for a little while.

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