Personalized Storage Jars

My college roommate used to say, “A place for everything and everything in its place.” While I didn’t agree with her back then (I felt that anything belonged anywhere), I’ve finally come around to her way of thinking.

Since my kids can’t read yet, I thought I would give them a visual way to know where things belong.Β For this project, I chose to organize bathroom items, but you could do this for any room or items you want.

First, I got small small glass jars of different shapes and decided what I wanted each to hold.

personalized storage containers

Then I took pictures of the kids using the items I was going to store. I printed them and cut them to size.

personalized storage containers

Then I spread a thin layer of Mod Podge on the jar, placed the photos where I wanted and then finished with a Β final layer of the glue.

personalized storage containers

After they dried, I filled them with the appropriate items and set them out.

personalized storage containers

You can put pictures all around the jar allowing you to change things up just by turning the jar around.

personalized storage containers

You could even do this with old yogurt containers or whatever you have on hand . Just add pretty paper or ribbon.

personalized storage containersNow, no one has an excuse to not know where things belong πŸ™‚


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personalized storage containers

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