What Happens When A Mirror And A Picture Frame Get Married?

I had a moment that I haven’t had in a while where I saw a couple things in my house and thought, “I wonder what would happen if….”

I found this mirror for $6.99 a while ago and bought it not knowing what I’d do with it.

Mirror Maggie May's gifts

One day, I walked past these hanging frames I had up and realized one of the frames had the exact same brushed metal look.

hanging picture frames

I wondered if there was a way to put them together for a fun, picture mirror.

To start, I cleaned the mirror and frame really well and then removed the propping flap thing off the back of the picture frame.

how to make a picture frame mirror

Then I used a type of crazy glue that said it specifically could be used on glass. I found this glue, GO2 Glue from Loctite.

how to make a picture frame mirror

I put a strip of glue along the edges of the back of the picture frame. This frame allows you to insert the picture from the side so I didn’t glue that edge in case there was still a chance I could swap out pictures down the road. If you’re using a frame that closes up in the back, just use a picture you want hanging up forever!

I placed the frame onto the mirror with the glue side down. Then I just cleaned up any excess glue off the mirror and let it sit overnight.

how to make a picture frame mirror

It seems to be on there pretty securely so I think the glue was a good one.

how to make a picture frame mirror

xCombine a picture frame and a mirror

Combine a picture frame and a mirror

As you can see, taking a photo of a mirror isn’t easy. A lot of the angles I could get looked like this. :)

Combine a picture frame and a mirror

This was a fun project because it was so easy and it ended up bringing new life to a plain picture frame and a plain mirror.

I actually think this would look cool with contrasting colors or styles of mirrors and frames. These two just happened to match, but if you have some old frames and mirrors around the house, experiment with it and let me know how it goes.



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make a mirrored picture frame



How To Make Love Bags For The Holidays (And All Year Long)

howWhat do you do when you pull up to a stop light on an exit ramp and a man or woman is standing there with a sign asking for help?

I know many people get uncomfortable and don’t like the idea of giving cash because they aren’t sure if the money will go towards the right things.

I always think of a story that Wayne Dyer shared about giving $100 to a homeless person and the person he was with asked why he would do that when they were probably just going to buy drugs or alcohol with it. Wayne then said that it wasn’t his concern what the man did with the money. In fact, the gesture wasn’t about the money at all. He only gave it to him as a way of letting that person know that he was seen and loved.

I always remembered that story and try to keep it in mind. Sometimes even just a smile is worth more than any money you could give.

I’ve seen the idea to make a goodie bag for needy people (and also remember it shared by the crafty blogger behind Pillows-a-la-Mode). Now that my kids are getting older and “get” things more, I thought I’d try it.

If you’d like to make some Love Bags to give away to someone who might need a smile, just gather some items of your choice.

I’ve been saving any inspirational magazines I get (mainly because I feel bad throwing them in the trash) so I gathered them together.

make a love bag for the homeless

Then I bought some bottled water.

make a love bag for the homeless

And some snacks.

make a love bag for the homeless

I had a stash of these hand warmers that we never use, so I added them.

make a love bag for the homeless

Then, I had my kids color on some holiday cards….

make a love bag for the homeless

and decorate some lunch bags.

make a love bag for the homeless

Then we filled them up.

make a love bag for the homeless

This project ended up having more benefits than I realized. Not only did my kids and I get to talk about helping people, but when I was cutting our address off of the magazines, the topic turned to privacy and how strangers don’t need to know our address. Good for them to know :)

And an added bonus…It forced me to FINALLY clean out the storage box in our car to make room for them!

make a love bag for the homeless

Now we will be ready when we come across someone who needs a little “love”.

So, if you’re looking for a fun project to teach your kids about the Christmas spirit, here you go. Merry Christmas, everyone!



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Advent Calendar Idea Using The Christmas Story

I know we are thinking about Thanksgiving now, but I wanted to share this because December 1st will be here soon!

If you like doing Advent calendars with your kids, you might want to try something a little different with it. I shared this a couple years ago but wanted to share it again for anyone that missed it.

Advent Calendar of the Christmas Story

It is an Advent Calendar that has the Christmas Story divided into 24 sections. Each day, you reveal a portion of the story. On Christmas Eve, you and your kids can read the whole story together.

Many Advent calendars have a gift or trinket each day, so this is a great way to keep the meaning of Christmas alive and have less toys and clutter in the house!!

For a free printable of the numbers and of the Christmas Story already divided into 24 equal parts, visit the original Advent Calendar of The Christmas Story post.

Happy Thanksgiving :)


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Give Your Spring Décor A Winter Look

transform spring decor into winter with paint-birdhouseIf you have a little bit of paint, you can transform many of your spring décor items into winter pieces quickly. I’ll share one example.

I found this adorable birdhouse but I didn’t like the color. It might work in the spring or summer, but winter is a-comin’. Continue reading

Who Are These People?

Have you been wanting to sit down with your family members and capture their great childhood and life stories. Maybe even some words of wisdom?

Or have you tried (like I did) and realized that without the right questions, it became an interview full of facts or just felt awkward because you didn’t know what to ask?

I’m really excited to share something I created out of a need for myself and have spent the last nine months working on…and it is finally done!My Life Inscribed Interview Workbook

This started because my kids kept asking for stories about their grandparents’ childhood and I realized I didn’t know many stories. I kept telling the same few over and over. As much as they love their princess and mermaid stories, nothing holds their attention more than real stories about people they know and love.

My Life Inscribed is a bound book that walks you and a loved one through a series of questions that were each written specifically to draw out great stories and memories, and not just facts. They are written in chronological order, from birth to the present day, so it truly feels as though you are taking a little stroll through their life.

Some of the questions include:
~When you think of your childhood home, what is the first thing that comes to mind?
~What was the most memorable phone call you ever received? Can you explain?
~What is the greatest lesson you learned about love and marriage based on your experience?
Each left hand page of the book is intentionally left blank so you can attach photos, recipes, or use it for additional writing space. You can get creative with the book and fill it up!
My Life Inscribed Sample Page

Sample pages from My Life Inscribed

If this is something you’ve been wanting to do, I hope this book makes it easy and really enjoyable for you. I know it has for me. The hard part is done. All you have to do is carve out a couple hours. I know you will be so glad you did. After the interview, you will have a stronger connection with a loved one and a beautiful keepsake filled with all of their memories.

You don't have to do this quote. My Life Inscribed

It’s available now on Amazon if you’re ready to get started!

My Life Inscribed Interview Workbook

You can also visit www.mylifeinscribed.com for a book page on the blog. I hope to fill it with stories and resources as we go along.

Thank you to all my test subjects along the way :) and for all the input, ideas and support from friends and family. I love you all!



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Book Recommendation for Anyone Creative (That’s You!)

We are all creative. Whether you like to write, cook, craft, decorate, negotiate at work, or parent your kids, you are being creative.

I feel that we all get callings or nudges to try something. Sometimes we listen and act, but most of the time, we don’t.

If you’ve ever wanted someone to give you permission to go for it, do your thing, be yourself, or just create something for fun, then you will love this book. Not that you need permission to do those things, of course, but sometimes it helps move you along.

Big Magic-Elizabeth Gilbert Continue reading

Bribe Your Kids With These…They Work.

Over the summer, I got a little spoiled being able to use popsicles as a bribing tool with my kids. I finally caved and bought the sugary, almost-neon ones and, consequently, created monsters out of my kids. The good kind of monsters, though. The ones that can be bribed and lured by sugary treats.

As much as I was loving my parenting with popsicles, I realized I really should have a better plan. And by plan, I mean adding trickery to the bribery. Continue reading