What Happens When A Mirror And A Picture Frame Get Married?

I had a moment that I haven’t had in a while where I saw a couple things in my house and thought, “I wonder what would happen if….”

I found this mirror for $6.99 a while ago and bought it not knowing what I’d do with it.

Mirror Maggie May's gifts

One day, I walked past these hanging frames I had up and realized one of the frames had the exact same brushed metal look.

hanging picture frames

I wondered if there was a way to put them together for a fun, picture mirror.

To start, I cleaned the mirror and frame really well and then removed the propping flap thing off the back of the picture frame.

how to make a picture frame mirror

Then I used a type of crazy glue that said it specifically could be used on glass. I found this glue, GO2 Glue from Loctite.

how to make a picture frame mirror

I put a strip of glue along the edges of the back of the picture frame. This frame allows you to insert the picture from the side so I didn’t glue that edge in case there was still a chance I could swap out pictures down the road. If you’re using a frame that closes up in the back, just use a picture you want hanging up forever!

I placed the frame onto the mirror with the glue side down. Then I just cleaned up any excess glue off the mirror and let it sit overnight.

how to make a picture frame mirror

It seems to be on there pretty securely so I think the glue was a good one.

how to make a picture frame mirror

xCombine a picture frame and a mirror

Combine a picture frame and a mirror

As you can see, taking a photo of a mirror isn’t easy. A lot of the angles I could get looked like this. :)

Combine a picture frame and a mirror

This was a fun project because it was so easy and it ended up bringing new life to a plain picture frame and a plain mirror.

I actually think this would look cool with contrasting colors or styles of mirrors and frames. These two just happened to match, but if you have some old frames and mirrors around the house, experiment with it and let me know how it goes.



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make a mirrored picture frame



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