Love Month Decorating Ideas

February is here and that means a month of celebrating Love! I thought I would share some past love-themed posts to kick off the month. Just click on the link or photo to be directed to the full tutorial.

I love using Eucalyptus leaves to craft with because they are natural and smell fantastic. Plus, when you twist the leaves off the branch, they are shaped like small hearts..perfect for Love crafting!

Here is a framed art idea using them.

Valentine's Art Using Eucalyptus Leaves

Another fun way to decorate with Love is by using your favorite quote, Bible verse, or even your wedding vows. Type them out on paper (changing the fonts with each line for fun). Then paint the word “Love” across it using acrylic paint or a paint marker. Frame and enjoy.

Framed Love Art

Or make a whole wall of Love Art.

Love Wall

Finally, try making art that is interactive by creating an, “I Love You Because..” board.

love note board

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Do you decorate for it or make fun meals or desserts?



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Jewelry Chest Redo-Trash to Vintage Chic

I found this little chest abandoned by the trash. I’m assuming it was a jewelry chest but all the drawers were missing.


I had no idea what to do with it but I felt the need to save it.

First, I cleaned it well and let it dry in the sun. Then I painted a layer of primer on it.


Since there were so many shelves and recessed areas, I decided to use spray paint so I could get all of the surfaces. I chose a metallic silver.


DSC06383The original knobs on the doors were gone so I played around with a couple options.

At first, I didn’t want to drill so I just screwed these little hooks into the doors by hand.


Then I hung a couple links from an old chain necklace.


If you don’t have a drill, this is a really easy way to add a knob.

I found some knobs at World Market and really wanted to use them instead, so I became determined. I have no business using a drill, but my husband wasn’t home so I decided to assert my independence.

I drilled a hole the size of my knob screw into the center of each door.


And then screwed in the knobs.



All done.

I still wasn’t sure what to do with it, so I decided to use it as a bedside chest for now.


I filled it with items that I usually keep by my bed anyway like chap stick, books, journals, pens, etc. Now it’s all together in one spot, which is nice.




So before you throw something out that you assume is trashed, just rethink how you might use it. A little paint, some new hardware, and a fresh outlook might give you a whole new objet d’art (I just really wanted to use that word!)

Here is the piece of trash before:


And now:



To some, I may be a trash-picker, but to this little chest, I’m a hero:) Welcome back to life, little chest.



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 bedside chest




Dining Room Update (before and after)

If you saw one of my previous posts, I’m trying to get rid of all the dark decor in our home and brighten things up. I started with the entryway. You can see that full project here.


Now it’s time to move to the eating area.

Here it is before.

Dining Room Before

So much dark brown. Although, if we were ever to have had a flood, my curtains would have been ready!

I started with the wall and replaced the dark toned artwork for brighter, lighter art. I recently shared that project here if you want to see how I made the frames.


Then on to this chest.


I just used white paint that I had and painted the chest and drawers.


I was going to buy a new lamp but decided to play around with the one I had first. I just painted the base of it metallic silver. I’ve never painted a fabric lampshade before but gave it a shot. I painted a light layer of white primer on the brown shade and, after that dried, I painted a couple coats of blue paint.

Then I just swapped out the brown curtains with some white ones that I had.

The only problem with this door is that all standard curtains are too short for it. Lengthening them is definitely a project I will have to tackle later.

Or most likely, never. 


The final touches were painting the dark star metallic silver to match the lamp base and swapping out a rustic, wood mirror with this more modern, silver one.


And that was it.

By swapping out items I already had and just painting what was already there, I was able to brighten up this area very easily and inexpensively.

Here was the room before.

Dining Room redo

And now.


Nothing drastic but it completely lifted the mood of the room for us.

Now on to the next unsuspecting room in my house….

Thanks for reading!


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Make Your Own Rustic Framed Art


Rustic Framed ArtThis project happened by accident. I bought my daughter a calendar from the dollar store since she was always asking what day it was. I found this one that was full of bright, inspirational messages.

Rustic framed art

Once I got it home, I realized it was a 2015 calendar and we couldn’t use it for another six months.

I’ve been wanting to brighten up our eating area for a while (that post is coming soon) and I liked the bright colors of these prints so I decided to use the calendar for the dining room instead.

I just assumed the print size was 12 x 12 (I realize actually measuring it would have taken 5 seconds…but no) so I bought frames in that size. Once I got them home, I learned that the prints were 11 x 11 making them too small for the frame.

Apparently, they don’t sell frames in the size that these prints are so I had to get inventive. I decided to just display them on pieces of wood giving them a rustic touch.

I lucked out finding this scrap wood.

Rustic framed art

Then I had Lowe’s cut it into the sizes I needed.

Rustic framed art

Since the prints were so colorful, I decided to stick with white paint for the frames. I just used the Valspar latex paint I had on hand and painted the boards.

Rustic framed art

Once those dried, I attached a hook on the back to hang it.

Rustic framed art

Rustic framed art

And finally attached the print with small screws onto the front of the board.

Rustic framed art

Rustic framed art

Once I had each print screwed on I took them into the dining room to figure out where to place them.


After playing around with them a bit, up they went!DSC06248

So if you have a print or photo that is an odd size or just want a more rustic looking frame, this project is great. It’s easy and inexpensive.

Now we have a whole new look in our dining room and my daughter still has no idea what day it is.


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Rustic Framed Art

And the Pattern Lives On…A Kid’s Clothing Update

The beautiful thing about having your last child is that when he is done with an item (high chair, clothes, etc.) you can get rid of it. No more storing!

The only time this is sad is when they outgrow something that you love.

There was always something about this crib sheet of my daughter’s that made me happy. Once she moved from her toddler bed into a twin, it was time to say goodbye.

Upcycling kids clothes using outgrown items

But I just couldn’t.

Since its life as a sheet was over, I grabbed some scissors and started cutting.

Upcycling kids clothes using outgrown items

I loved the pattern and thought it would look cute on clothes. I just found some solid clothes from my daughter’s closet that could use some lovin’.

Upcycling kids clothes using outgrown items

Then I pinned some small cut outs from the sheet onto the items and sewed them down using a zig-zag stitch (twice around).

Upcycling kids clothes using outgrown items

Upcycling kids clothes using outgrown items

And now my beloved pattern lives on.

Upcycling kids clothes using outgrown items

Her tank top had bunched fabric in the front so I had to sew the design on the back. I was afraid it would be weird but decided to try it anyway.

Upcycling kids clothes using outgrown items

It ended up being my favorite.

Upcycling kids clothes using outgrown items

Upcycling kids clothes using outgrown items

Upcycling kids clothes using outgrown items

This idea would also work to add a fun design to curtains, pillowcases or even to frame it for decor.

Sometimes you don’t have to say goodbye. :)


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Upcycling kids clothes using outgrown items

Easy Way To Brighten Up Dark Decor

I have always liked a natural, earth-tone look in my home, and I still do. But lately, I’m getting really sick of all the browns and darker colors. I know the transition is going to be gradual, so I’ll share it in stages.

My first area to tackle is the entryway.


Dark wood. Dark basket. Dark Star. Dark dried floral.

I decided to start with the floral basket because it was the least intimidating.


The first thing I did was remove the eucalyptus and the star and clean the basket. Then using a paint brush and white paint (I just used latex paint), I painted a light layer of the paint on the outside of the basket.  I rubbed the paint with a wet rag to blend it and give it a more weathered look.

DSC05673Then I painted the dark red star with white primer.


And spray painted it silver with a metallic paint.


The hardest part with this basket was finding flowers to put into it. It’s hard to find bright, artificial flowers that don’t look fake and all of the dried ones seem so dark. I settled on these.


I ended up cutting off the big leaves and other parts that looked fake and adding some dried sticks and curly willow to it.


This basket gave me the confidence to take on this piece.


To start, I removed the glass and hooks and used newspaper and painters tape to cover the mirror. Then I just used light brush strokes to paint the wood with white latex paint. I purposely painted in light layers to match the weathered look of my basket. I left some of the dark wood showing through to give a white-washed appearance.


Then I replaced the old hooks with these hooks I already had sitting in the garage.


Then I added a couple black and white photos and I now have a whole new piece!


It is amazing what some paint and a couple fixture changes can do to totally transform a room. I love how much brighter this entryway is now.

Here it is before:


And now:


Much better.



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Thrift Store Makeovers

One neat thing about wordpress (or I guess blogs and websites in general) is that you can see what search engine words led people to your website. This can be helpful in learning what topics people are interested in.

What I found was the majority of search terms used for my site involved thrift stores and decorating with thrift store items. Since I just so happen to love making over thrift store items, I thought it would be fun to do more of it!

Starting today.

I found these little guys at a thrift store and liked them.


I don’t cross stitch so I’m not up on the lingo. I assumed they were some sort of frames for a cross stictching project since they had glass but all I could find about them is that they are cross stitching hoops. I couldn’t find anything online showing these hoops with glass.

If anyone has any idea about these, let me know because now I’m really curious. Most likely they are a rare antique worth millions and now I’m very rich.

Despite my windfall, I decided to carry out my project. To begin, I removed the glass and painted the rims white.


Once that dried, I picked out a fabric (I went with this lobster print) and used the glass to trace the fabric to size.


Then I just glued the fabric to the glass with the print side facing out.


DSC05681 And put the glass back into the frame and reattached the screw.


Then they were ready to hang!


They made the perfect decoration over my son’s bed, just in time for summer.


Now, on to the next thrift store makeover :)



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cross stitch collage