Easy, Inexpensive Way to Make Framed Wall Art

If you are in need of some wall art but don’t consider yourself a painter, you are in luck. You can make some beautiful art with finger painting. It’s not just for kids!

Make Wall Art by finger painting-maggiemaysgifts

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Finally, Something To Do With All Your Old Jewelry

use old jewelry to decorate flower vases

I think it is safe to assume that you have a drawer or box of old jewelry somewhere. It’s jewelry that is broken (with hopes you’ll repair it someday), or not your style anymore. Whatever the reason, jewelry is hard to get rid of. It just feels like you’ll want it someday or that it will miraculously come back into fashion.

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Green bottle vase

If anyone else is drinking this yummy green tea from Trader Joe’s this summer, you probably have a recycle bin full of these green bottles.


I just thought they were so pretty and wanted to use them for something. This is a super, super simple project but I’d figure I’d share it anyway.

First, I ran the bottle through the dishwasher and took it out immediately to remove the label while it was still wet.

I decided to give it a natural look by using Jute and just started wrapping and tying it around the bottle.

start-tie jute around bottle

Every so often, I added a bead.

DIY flower vase

I just kept wrapping and tying until I got the look I wanted. Then I just tied it off near a bead.

Put a little water and a couple flowers in there and you have a pretty little patio vase!

DIY flower vase

DIY flower vase